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  • A Tribe called Quest - Beats, Rhymes & Life

    Documentary about one of the truley groups to come out of the 1990's. Let alone being a great Hiphop collective

    Hip-Hop music fans across the globe silently smiles to ones self when someone utters the words “A Tribe called Quest”. This group have become "Hip Hop music royalty" even to many outside the World of Hip Hop music.

    They are as much revered as the Notorious Big, 2 Pac, Dr Dre, Outkast, Public Enemy or Jay Z within the world of Hip Hop culture.

    Across the globe they are universally loved; and even more so wherever they have toured to within the past. A Tribe called Quest were formed in the middle 1980’s, and yet they had to wait a few years before their branded of Hip Hop music began to make note to the American Hip Hop fan.

    Q-Tip, Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Muhammed are recognised as the people that made the group legendary. However there was a fourth member at the beginning of the creation of the group that was Jarobi White.


    However he was left out of the group soon after the group’s first album was put out.A Tribe called Quest were also soon to join up with a collective known as the Native Tongues which featured other notable HipHop groups or acts of the time such as Jungle Brothers, Da la Soul, Monie Love, Black Sheep and Chi-Ahi.

    The Native Tongues was a collection of New York-based collective of like-minded hip hop artists who would help bring open-minded lyricism that addressed a range of topics, from  the spirituality, to modern living, race, sex, or just having fun. With the use of eclectic selection of samples that would take on an increasingly jazzy sound, which they helped pioneered into a new brand Hip Hop music called Conscious hip hop, alternative hip-hop or Jazz rap.

    Helped along the way by Kool DJ Red Alert, and the success of the Jungle Brothers. This collbration would pave the way for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest to come together.

    These three groups would form the core of the crew and continue the spirit of Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation.

    By 1989 they had been joined by Queen Latifah and the UK's Monie Love, and soon by the Black Sheep & Chi-Ali. Collectively, the members of the Native Tongues had a huge effect on the style and trends of hip hop during its most important period, the golden age of Hip Hop music from the late 1980s–early 1990s.

    A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul's albums of this time are considered among the best and most important in the hip hop genre.

    The song called "Scenario" was the final track on the Tribe Called Quest album The Low End Theory and featured the fledging Leaders of the New School—Dinco D, Busta Rhymes, and Charlie Brown. This track simultaneously introduced and legitimized the concept of a new school in hip-hop music, and is arguably the most notable and significant single song of the era.

    a tribe called quests the low end theory.The 2nd album release from the group

    Along with De La Soul, the group was a central part of the Native Tongues Posse, and enjoyed the most commercial success out of all the groups to emerge from that collective.

    Their innovative fusing of hip hop and jazz has had a lasting impact on hip hop music, helping to expand the art of hip hop production. Many of their songs, such as "Bonita Applebum", "Can I Kick It?", "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo", "Scenario", "Check the Rhime", "Jazz (We've Got)", "Award Tour" and "Electric Relaxation" are regarded as classics.

    They released five albums between 1990 and 1998. The first three LPs were highly acclaimed, but the group disbanded in 1998

    The album from A Tribe called quest called Midnight Marauders.

    In 2006, the group reunited and toured the U.S., and planned to release an album after some works in the studio. The group is regarded as iconic pioneers of alternative hip hop music, having helped to pave the way for innovative hip hop artists.


    Now we have “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest the Movie”.

    This is documentary film directed by Michael Rapaport about this influential and groundbreaking hip hop group from New York City.

    A Tribe called Quest have released five gold and platinum selling albums within eight years.A Tribe Called Quest was one of the most commercially successful and artistically significant musical groups in recent history, and regarded as iconic pioneers of hip hop.

    The band’s sudden break-up in 1998 shocked everyone and saddened the fans.

    Rapaport, a hard-core fan of the group himself sets out on tour with A Tribe Called Quest in 2008, when the group are reunited to perform sold-out concerts across the country, almost ten years after the release of their last album, The Love Movement.

    As he travels with the band members (Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White), Rapaport captures the story of how their relationship has become; and how their personal differences and unresolved conflicts continue to be a threat to their creative cohesion.

    Documentary about one of the truley groups to come out of the 1990's. Let alone being a great Hiphop collective

    With mounting tensions eupting in the background of this tour, the viewer gets a fly on the wall look at their journey and contributions as a band and what currently is at stake for group.

    Radio legend DJ Red Alert, Native Tongues members like Monie Love, The Jungle Brothers, Busta Rhymes, and De La Soul speak about the early days of hip hop when young artists discovered the freedom of artistic expression, while rejecting the confines of gangster rap and negative stereotypes.

    In addition to this the film includes interviews from the Beastie Boys, Pharrell Williams, Mos Def, Santigold, Monie Love, Pete Rock, Large Professor, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers and Common, all of whom attribute some combination of love, respect, and inspiration drawn from the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest.


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     A Mural done of A tribe called quest - One of the greatest ever bands to come out the music known as Hip Hop. A Mural done within New York City from fans of the group. Done September 2016

    2016, has been one hell of year so far. For instance the Celebrity deaths within the music and film world;Brexit drama for the Uk; Syrian criss for the world, Ukraniane Criss for the whole world; and now news of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the Usa. All those and many more incidents will make 2016 a year that no one will ever forget.

    And now for the brighter note.Well, there is an music album release out on the 11th November, 2016 that we should all take note.

    Its the latest album release in regards to the HipHop group known as A tribe called Quest

     The album is to be named - "We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service" from the group called A Tribe called Quest .

    From various music news sources out there via the Internet It seems as if this is now to being the groups final album.

    On this same "last" album - we are going to be greeted with the musical talents from Young or old such - Andre 3000, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, Anderson Paak, Elton John, Jack White and of course Phife Dawg.

    Phife Dawg. was a member of A Tribe called Quest before his untimely death which occurred on the 23rd March, 2016.

    We were told that he died of complications in regards to his long held illness he had with Type 2 Diabetes. He died at the age of 45 years old.

    The group that is A Tribe called Quest are universally acclaimed across the world their take on Hip/Hop - which branches out to "Alternative HipHop and Jazz/HipHop".

    I have mentioned on this very website to such an extent that I rate them and Gangstarr as the greatest groups to come out of the music of HipHop. This bring about grasp of astounishment from music lovers in general and differnately from the world of HipHop.

    Gangstarr are probably the only other group within HopHop music that could have challenged A Tribe called Quest in their prime

    What about Run Dmc, What about Outkast, what about NWA, what about the Wu Tang Gang, What about Da la Soul, What about Public Enemy and what about the Geto Boys.

    I am going to stand with what I said then and what about I am about to say now. A Tribe called  Quest and Gangstarr in my opinion are the Greatest groups to come from the music of Hip Hop.They with a few other introduced the world with another way of Looking at Hip Hop and they introduce to the world of HipHop the music - the music of Jazz.

    This is my clazy algengy -   A Tribe called Quest are the Beatles of Hip Hop music; and Gangstarr are the Rolling Stones of Hip Hop music (I hope that this makes sense???)

    GangStarr Live on Stage wowing the crowds within the city of Hamburg, Germany

    The music world of Soul, Rock and Funk was already being plundered by the artists of HipHop in regards to samples. However, these two groups with together Da la Soul - looked passed the attitudes of  gesturing, postering and decided that wanted talk about other issues rather then girls, bling issue and excessive swearing within their music.

    At the time they were guiding us along a different route - the use of obscure Jazz music samples; or obsucure music samples in general. By working within that road they helped to change the music world of HipHop music.

    In that there was another way to make and present Hip Hop Music to the masses.

    Now were are being told to expect a 6th ALBUM from the group called A Tribe called Quest - which will be released officially on the 11th NOVEMBER, 2016.Once again the Hip Hop fraternity stops in awe!

     The Original 4 members of possibly the greatest ever band to come from the music of Hip Hop

    It got the same feeling that when the Beatles were going to bring out a new album in their heyday. Maybe not in the same magnitude as the Beatles - but the within the Hip Hop world we just can't wait.

    It appears that the album was being planned by the grroup before the death of Phife Dawg.

    The decision to make another album (their 6th ALBUM) came about after the group were asked to perform on

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the debut album - People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (November 2015):


    It was the group’s first television appearance in 15 years, and everyone agreed straight after the performance.

    Q-Tip said. "It felt right,The energy was right. It felt like we was those kids that had that big show in Paris when they were 19. It felt fresh.

    It felt exciting. It felt new. Plus, it was just good to be with my brothers after all of that time".



    This "good feeling" that all of the band members were feeling after that performance. Seemed to be the push that they needed to get this started.


    So Far - A Tribe called Quest have release these studio albums:

    1990: People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

    1991: The Low End Theory

    1993: Midnight Marauders

    1996: Beats, Rhymes and Life

    1998: The Love Movement


    And I as I have mentioned before that the group are to release:


    2016: We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service


    The news is wlecomed by lovers of the music that is HopHop from around the world.

    As many of the fans are in dismay in the quality that is being released to the world in the form of mainstream HipHop music

    Many see this as a positive step by the group, as they have always been able to put out material that stands the test of time in each and every release that they have managed so far.


    A Tribe called Questcome from a period within Hip Hop music where being different, being experimental (upto a point!) and not being scared to try something different  was considered the norm. This period is known as the "Golden Period".

    Also the joining the ranks of the Legenday group was the one and only Dj producer - J Dilla via their last two album releases from the band - which shows how much clout A TRIBE CALLED QUEST had.


    Little did the band know that the releases of each album they put out  - became an event within HipHop Music.

    Their very last album that was called "The Love Movement"(5th album release from the band!) - when it was first released. Didn't get the Love of all the other albums that they released.But for me it was gold. And listening it today - makes me shake my head and wonder what are these people listening to???


    This album alone beats many that are released today within the world of Hip Hop. Let alone the majestic releases of 

    The Low End Theory, Midnight Maurders and Beats, Rhymes and Life which have all earned high praise via the Hip Hop Magazine called the Source


    We all need to remember that the city of New York wasn't always ruling Hip Hop music within the 1990's.

    As we all know that - from 1991 the rise of the "G-Funk" and the West Coast sound in general. New York Hip-Hop was really in the shadow of NWA, Ice-T and Ice Cube.

    It would take something powerful to happen within New York to get the same recognition. That's what The Tribe provided  - with releases such as the Low End Theory, Midnight Maurders and Beats, Rhymes and Life! And some how bought the trophy back to New York if that can be said.


    When Tribe were in full flow - they managed to give us a completely original production style and lyrics that were/was easy to the ears 

    and guided with a light-heartness attitude to the world. Even today those albums mentioned above are still a breath of fresh air within the HipHop scene that's plagued with commerciality at every turn you take.

    Lets Hope that the 6th Album from the group will approach the greatness that is - The Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders - just for starters. Or even Beats, Rhymes and Life!!! Personally I don't think it will. As those albums mentioned are as close to prefection that you are going to get for an Hip Hop Album.


    But lets wait and see. Grab yourself a copy and let me know what you think. I will.

    Here is the playlist of the New album:


    We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service" by A Tribe called Quest - Nov 11th, 2016.

    01 The Space Program
    02 We The People....
    03 Whateva Will Be
    04 Solid Wall of Sound
    05 Dis Generation
    06 Kids...
    07 Melatonin
    08 Enough!!
    09 Mobius
    10 Black Spasmodic
    11 The Killing Season
    12 Lost Somebody
    13 Movin Backwards
    14 Conrad Tokyo
    15 Ego
    16 The Donald 

    A Tribe called Quest will also be seen for 1st time on Television since the NEW ALBUM release - via appearing on TV Comedy show known as Saturday Night Live, hosted by Dave Chappelle – on the 12th November, 2016.

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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  • I think I love you - Yeap the Artist that I am referring to you is Dwele - Read on to learn more



    I remember coming into contact with this artist during the year of 2006.  

    I heared his music for the first time with a track called  "I THINK I LOVE YOU"; and to be honest was blown away.

    In fact I  fell in love with the track so much I made it my mission to find out more about the artist; and any other songs that he could have made in the past.

    The artist that I am refferring to is named Dwele.

    Dwele - I think I love you 

    To my surprise he had bought out quite a lot of material which pleased me no end. More stuff to hear from this amazing young artist who still to this day in my opinion has the most  has an angelic and soulful voice from his generation.

    I found out that Dwele brought out 2 albums previous to the one I had just found called  Something Kinda (2005). The two other albums that he had made before I even knew about him were -  Rize (2000) - which he self released himself); and  the album called Subject (2003).

    I was so glad that I now discovered this artist. He voice reminds me of all of those 1970's vocalists in regards to musics of Soul and Rnb.His voice is that good.

    Every album that he has bought out has been amazing in my opinion. There are artists such as Dwele out there ( I will not go into it right now) that are criminally overlooked for whatever reason it is. I just hope that the music critics who are state that Soul and Rnb music is dead. Please  I ask them to  just concentrate themselves on listening to this artist work and performances and, and they will soon have a different outlook on the music gender.

    Detriotas a city gave the World the music of Motown. So it should be well versed in the world of Soul and Rnb music. Dwele is from Detriot; and continues to follow the footsteps of his previous predessors.

    However he is different then his predessesors. This is by the inclusion of the music of Hip Hop within his musical makeup for instance.

    Dwele has added this music gender to his critic; and has stated that in interviews past and present that he influenced by the Hip group that is A Tribe called Quest in his liking for the music.  

    This inspiration he gained from the group called  A Tribe called Quest led him to becoming an MC for while; and even joing up with the Rap group called  - Slum Village based in his home town of Detriot.

    Slum village and Dwele

    Dwele I have learnt is an multi instrumentalist. He can play the piano, bass, trumpet and guitar as well. But his claim to fame is that voice. And what a voice it is.

    He is also a Multi Grammy Award nominated, songwriter, producer, multi instrument musician and vocalist Yet he has cultivated his own musical path road with five critically acclaimed albums Subject, Something Kinda, “Sketches Of A Man”, “W.ants W.orld W.omen” and “Greater Than One”.

     Dwele was brought up in a highly musical family that was tragically pared down to his mother and younger brother, once his father was gunned down outside their home. He was only 10.

    “The loss of my Father really inspired my creative side,” he recalls. “By getting into music, it provided me with a way to cope with his death.” Dwele adds.

    He also captures the rawness of the city with hip-hop influence and beats within his music that speak to his generation and beyond. His ear was shaped by artists of the calibre that were Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis, which his family played regularly in their home.

    Dwele  is known for his multiple chart-topping collaborations with rap icons such as Kanye West, Common, Drake, Wale & others. He has blazed a trail for this generationʼs newfound Soul/ R&B era.

     Dwele also states “...No matter how many Grammy Nominations that I receive, Iʼve always repped Detroit to the best of my abilities. That feeling is like exhaling, to be home while riding in the car upon my return. I see the sights and Iʼm back,” he muses. “When I sit down at the keyboard, as soon as I get home, the material just flows out.

    Dwelehas toured around the globe with sell-out crowds in his wake and still seems to mystify his audience, which makes them eagerly anticipate what his next move will be.

    I will state this about Dwele. His last album that  he released which was during 2012 was my favourite from him so far. The Album is called  “Greater Than One”. - Where he wrote or co- writes ten of the thirteen tracks on the album while working the drum kit, keys and horns.

    He invited other talents such as Monica Blaire, Raheem DeVaughn, J Tait, L’ Renee and one-man hit machine Mike City to contribute just enough embellish the album to an even greater plain without then overtaking his creative control of the project.

    My favourite track from that album (“Greater Than One”.) is the track called "It takes 22 tango".  Its got a groove, the lyrics are splendid and its got that voice. In fact its got the "Wow" factor. What a track.

     Dwele - IT TAKES 2 TANGO

    He has already appeared at the Jazz Café for instance here in London, and that was a sell out without really any heavy marketing or promotion.

    What an album. A Soul fans musicial paradise is what I call it. Don't get me wrong his other albums are great but this one reaches - your soul ..literally.

    I have managed to source down an Interview for you which gets down to the nitty gritty in regards to the Artist that is Dwele:

    INTERVIEW: Dwele / Jazz Cafe 17.04.2013

    Also a video Interview in regards to Dwele - Life Struggles


    Dweleis up against in delvering a new album that can match the other 5 that has bought a smile to any one and every one that has heard them. We have heard it on the grape vine that his 6th Studio album will be called "Same Book... New Chapter"due to be released Summer / Fall 2017.

    I can't wait … can you?????

    Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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