• Buddy X - Neneh Cherry, Biggie Smalls and The Masters at Work?

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    The 1990’s produced some really good music. I mean some really good music.From Reggae to House,  and from Soul to Hip Hop. It seemed as if the artist/s were always looking to put out the very best tracks that they could deliver.Here is one such track that in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit.

    I have already mentioned one great track already made by Neneh Cherry already on this very website. It’s called “Buffalo Stance”. However, Neneh Cherry musical repertoire is vast. It ranges from Jazz to Rock; and from Rap to Punk and finally from Funk to Techno.

    However she came good on a number of occasions with songs from her past – which has resulted in good press.However there is a song that I am going to discuss with you now from some reason didn’t get the same adulation.

    The song in question is “Buddy x” made in 1992.Legend has it that the song was constructed on the behaviour of singer/songwriter/musician that is Lenny KravitzNeneh Cherry learnt that Lenny Kravitz was quite a ladies man.

    Neneh being disappointed by his behaviour she decided to construct a song about this behaviour, and the impact that this was having on her friend which was Lisa Bonet ; and whom Lenny Kravitz was in a relationship with her at the time.

    The song was originally released as an Rnb track, and it did quite well within the pop charts. Within this same single it features a sample of a song made by Sam and Dave called “Rich kind of Poverty” created in 1967 which was used in the composition of “Buddy x”.The single that is “Buddy X” was featured within the album called “Homebrew” that wasn’t that successful for Nenah Cherry (1992)

    The Buddy X Lyrics below:

    Call yourself a family man
    Talking 'bout the families plan
    To bring the sweet talk deep and down
    Works better than an average pick up line
    You put your woman out to pasture
    On the promises you gave her last year
    Peace and love is on your head
    And the grass is greener playing 'round
    Your family seed is what you spread

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    I don't care what you do
    But there's a hypocrite that lives in you
    Cause if your woman gave her love
    In the same way that you do
    You'd feel a way
    You know you would

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    However the “Buddy X” House mix single is still being played today within soulful house clubs around the world due to the incredible house mixes that were made for the release at the time by the Masters at Work House team.

    The Masters at Work Dj/producers (Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Little “Louie” Vega)were in the heights of the powers, and were fast becoming the latest Dj/producers superstars of House music.

    The Masters at Work House music superstars. One the of the left Little Louie Vega and on the right Kenny Dope Goncalez

    And when you listen to the House mixes that they supplied for this single then you can see why.  

    It is my believe that the House music remixes of this song, made by the duo made up the minds of many A/list music celebrities to sort them out as the hottest dj/producers in town.

    There is also another mix for this “Buddy x” single that marks this track out for legendary status. It features a “rap” by Biggie Smalls on this single as well.

    Cherry admitted that she and her husband Cameron McVey picked up Biggie Smalls for the studio where they remained for the rest of the session. The song in which he agreed to take part within as “Rap” was completed in one take by Biggie Smalls!

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    Buddy X (Masters At Work 12" House Remix)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No.1)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (What's Up Mix)



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Jeep Mix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Masters At Work R&B Version)

    Remix – Masters At Work

    However, it is the House music mixes that gained critically acclaim.

    The House music mixes that was supplied for “Buddy x”. It is the drum programming that immediately captures your attention.  Nice and crisp and captures your attention. Then soon after we are greeted by those simple, but lovely Rhodes chords and its chords progression that comes into the track.

    As soon as it does those chords become a premenant feature within the tune; we are eventually graced by vocals of Neneh Cherry. It is at this point that you will find yourself smiling to yourself. Everything fits.

    It’s a wonderful mix/single. I truly believe that this was the mix that “made” The Masters at Work internationally. And I truly believe that this should have been the official release of this single in 1992

    Yes, they had made classic tracks before. But this was the one that made people sit up and take notice.

    Its difficult to say. Very Difficult. But in my opinion after 1992/1993 Masters at Workhad taken over Todd Terry as the “New” House music superstars.Even though Todd Terry was still causing dance floor mayhem with tracks like “Sume Sigh Say and Samba” at the time.

    Their prolific output and quality of the work via remixes many saw them as the new Kings of the Dj/Producers for House music remixers.

    But I have to give credit to the vocals of Neneh Cherry on this single. Her vocals fitted the music production of this single like a glove. I wished that she had worked more with the Masters at Work so would could get great tracks like this.

    Have a listen to the song, and out of all the mixes that are available on this single. This was the best mix of the lot on the 12 inch single release of this song in my opinion..

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992 (Masters at Work House mix)


    Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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  • Who can make the Dance Ram? Only Yellowman can. The Champion - 2015

    One of Yellowmans most famous album -  Zungguzungguguzungguzeng - 1983

    One of the longest ever titles for a Pop single. It really is. That title belongs to King Yellowman from Jamaica, that title is this - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng. Long isn't it?

    I start by saying this. Yellowman, was the next  Superstar to appear from the Islands of Jamaica, directly after the Death of the International Superstar that was Bob Marley in 1981.

    It was a monumental achievement to do, and sometimes I still don't know how it just happened, but it did

    Well lets start from the beginning. He is known as King Yellowman by thousands of people via his stage name within the music of Reggae; but his real name is simply Winston Foster.

    He was born within the city of Kingston, Jamaica in the year of 1956. Winston Foster grew up in a Catholic orphanage called the Alpha Boys school in Kingston, Jamaica. He shunned for most of his young life due to him being an Albino - which was not socially accepted in Jamaica at the time.

    Yellowman-The First superstar after the Death of Bob Marley in 1981

    Things were to change for the young Foster musically that is. In the late 1970's Foster won a music contest even within Kingston, Jamaica called the "Tastee Talent Contest" where people like himself would or could perform "Toasting"- (Jamaican)

    Like many Jamaican artists at the time he got better overtime at the art of "Toasting"; and by taking part at the number of increasing Sound system dances that were becoming more and more popular on the island.

    The year of 1981 saw him being signed to an American record label that is CBS records. The first Reggae Dancehall artist to do so such was his popularity.

    His first album was called "Mister Yellowman" (1982), and then later on after releasing at least 7 other albums LATER down the line we see him releasing the album in 1983 that is called " Zungguzungguguzungguzeng". Both albums were huge within the island of Jamaica and a legend was born.  I love the album that is - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng. The title track is one of my favourite of mine.

    As well as the track that is also on the album and is known as "Who can make Dance Ram?

    Yellowman's sexually suggestive lyrics did earn him some criticism by the mid 1980s. Yellowman boasted of his sexual prowess, like of the other Jamaican Dance performers of the time, which didn't go too well with many Women movements across the world.

    It was around this time that this style of Reggae gained a nickname known as "Slackness" 

    When asked about his lyrics from that period of time his response was

    "I never know why they call it slackness. I talk about sex, but it's just what happens behind closed doors. What I talk is reality" - Du Noyer, Paul (2003). The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Music (1st ed.). Fulham, London: Flame Tree Publishing. p. 362.ISBN 1-904041-96-5

     Yellowman has had some influence within the world of Hip Hop music as well during his time within the Music Industry.

    He often credited by music critics, some Hip Hop fans and Reggae fans of allowing other artists gain acceptance within the American music market; especially within the Hip-Hop music industry during the 1980's

    Yellowmans - Nobody Move, Nobody gets Hurt - 1993

    For Instance Easy-E used a sample of Yellowmans "Nobody move, Nobody get hurt" 1983 track within his own single called "Nobody move, Nobody gets hurt" featuring Biggie Smalls - 1995

    The Rhythm of the song called "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" has also been heavily used within the Hip-Hop community over the years by artists such as KRS ONE, TUPAC SHAKAR, BIGGIE SMALLS AND BLACKSTAR.

    The rhythm used by Yellowman within the song that is called "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" is known to us as the "Diseases" riddim by "Junjo" Lawes, has been sampled and imitated repeatedly since its original release in 1967. 

    However, this rhythm has little to do with Yellowmans talent. Yellowmans real talent comes from his ability to ride the rhythm like no other at this period of time.

    The Lyrics seem to come out of his head to his mouth without thinking about it over live appearances or live performances.

    From the early to the middle 1980;s his was the King of Dancehall Reggae music.

    When Bob Marley did in 1981, many people across the world thought that Reggae music was dead.

    However, he took the problem by the root and took it to another level, via taking this new vibe of Reggae music to New York areas of America; and to cities within England such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

    Yellowman was diagnosed with Skin Cancer during the year of 1982 and was told that he only 3 years to live. However, this proved to be wrong as further test showed that he had overcome the disease after a series of surgeries.

    However, one again came to the forehead again, it was confirmed that Cancer had returned but this time it had spread to his jaw. The surgery performed to remove Cancer from that area disfigured his face as a large part of the lower left hand side had to be removed  to remove the tumour.

    By the 1990's Yellowman had moved on and tried to distance himself from the "slackness" culture/vibe that he was renowned for in Reggae music to a more conscious musical style of Reggae music. For instance in 1994 he released the album called "Prayer". In 2003, he released the album called "New York" and in 2005, he released the album called "Round 1".

    To this day Yellowman still manages to perform all around the world with his band called "Sagittarius" to countries such as Australia, England,  Spain, Peru, Sweden, Italy, Germany,  Usa, France and Kenya.

    Yellowman and his band Sagittarius - Playing at another venue

    One of his most famous tracks - "Nobody moves, Nobody gets hurt" is used within the game called Grand theft Auto Vvia the fictious station known as Blue Ark Fm 

    Just another Musical legend that comes from the island that is Jamaica that continues to "Punch above its weight" 

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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