Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry, 1988

  • Buddy X - Neneh Cherry, Biggie Smalls and The Masters at Work?

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    The 1990’s produced some really good music. I mean some really good music.From Reggae to House,  and from Soul to Hip Hop. It seemed as if the artist/s were always looking to put out the very best tracks that they could deliver.Here is one such track that in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit.

    I have already mentioned one great track already made by Neneh Cherry already on this very website. It’s called “Buffalo Stance”. However, Neneh Cherry musical repertoire is vast. It ranges from Jazz to Rock; and from Rap to Punk and finally from Funk to Techno.

    However she came good on a number of occasions with songs from her past – which has resulted in good press.However there is a song that I am going to discuss with you now from some reason didn’t get the same adulation.

    The song in question is “Buddy x” made in 1992.Legend has it that the song was constructed on the behaviour of singer/songwriter/musician that is Lenny KravitzNeneh Cherry learnt that Lenny Kravitz was quite a ladies man.

    Neneh being disappointed by his behaviour she decided to construct a song about this behaviour, and the impact that this was having on her friend which was Lisa Bonet ; and whom Lenny Kravitz was in a relationship with her at the time.

    The song was originally released as an Rnb track, and it did quite well within the pop charts. Within this same single it features a sample of a song made by Sam and Dave called “Rich kind of Poverty” created in 1967 which was used in the composition of “Buddy x”.The single that is “Buddy X” was featured within the album called “Homebrew” that wasn’t that successful for Nenah Cherry (1992)

    The Buddy X Lyrics below:

    Call yourself a family man
    Talking 'bout the families plan
    To bring the sweet talk deep and down
    Works better than an average pick up line
    You put your woman out to pasture
    On the promises you gave her last year
    Peace and love is on your head
    And the grass is greener playing 'round
    Your family seed is what you spread

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    I don't care what you do
    But there's a hypocrite that lives in you
    Cause if your woman gave her love
    In the same way that you do
    You'd feel a way
    You know you would

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    However the “Buddy X” House mix single is still being played today within soulful house clubs around the world due to the incredible house mixes that were made for the release at the time by the Masters at Work House team.

    The Masters at Work Dj/producers (Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Little “Louie” Vega)were in the heights of the powers, and were fast becoming the latest Dj/producers superstars of House music.

    The Masters at Work House music superstars. One the of the left Little Louie Vega and on the right Kenny Dope Goncalez

    And when you listen to the House mixes that they supplied for this single then you can see why.  

    It is my believe that the House music remixes of this song, made by the duo made up the minds of many A/list music celebrities to sort them out as the hottest dj/producers in town.

    There is also another mix for this “Buddy x” single that marks this track out for legendary status. It features a “rap” by Biggie Smalls on this single as well.

    Cherry admitted that she and her husband Cameron McVey picked up Biggie Smalls for the studio where they remained for the rest of the session. The song in which he agreed to take part within as “Rap” was completed in one take by Biggie Smalls!

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    Buddy X (Masters At Work 12" House Remix)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No.1)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (What's Up Mix)



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Jeep Mix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Masters At Work R&B Version)

    Remix – Masters At Work

    However, it is the House music mixes that gained critically acclaim.

    The House music mixes that was supplied for “Buddy x”. It is the drum programming that immediately captures your attention.  Nice and crisp and captures your attention. Then soon after we are greeted by those simple, but lovely Rhodes chords and its chords progression that comes into the track.

    As soon as it does those chords become a premenant feature within the tune; we are eventually graced by vocals of Neneh Cherry. It is at this point that you will find yourself smiling to yourself. Everything fits.

    It’s a wonderful mix/single. I truly believe that this was the mix that “made” The Masters at Work internationally. And I truly believe that this should have been the official release of this single in 1992

    Yes, they had made classic tracks before. But this was the one that made people sit up and take notice.

    Its difficult to say. Very Difficult. But in my opinion after 1992/1993 Masters at Workhad taken over Todd Terry as the “New” House music superstars.Even though Todd Terry was still causing dance floor mayhem with tracks like “Sume Sigh Say and Samba” at the time.

    Their prolific output and quality of the work via remixes many saw them as the new Kings of the Dj/Producers for House music remixers.

    But I have to give credit to the vocals of Neneh Cherry on this single. Her vocals fitted the music production of this single like a glove. I wished that she had worked more with the Masters at Work so would could get great tracks like this.

    Have a listen to the song, and out of all the mixes that are available on this single. This was the best mix of the lot on the 12 inch single release of this song in my opinion..

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992 (Masters at Work House mix)


    Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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  • Buffalo Stance – Remember that track? - 2011

    Nenah Cherry who sung the famous tune Buffalo stance

    I was spring cleaning and I had the radio on. It always helps me to get the work done a little faster I feel. Anyway, as I was cleaning out the oven I heard this track. Immediately I just ran quickly to the radio which was a about 10 yards away from me and turned this up. I wanted to make sure that I heard the rest of the song properly.

    Wow, it still sounds good after all these years I thought.It does poppy, but it sounds good

    The track that I am going on about is called “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry, 1988. When it was released it caused a stir. A really, big stir to be honest. In fact it was to become one of the biggest records of 1988.

    The official Buffalo Stance 12inch single 1988

    It reached number 3 within the USA Billboard 100 chart,number 3 in the UK Singles chart and Number 1 within the USA Dance charts.

    After doing some research on the song I have found out that the song was originally released in 1986. The original song was produced by Jamie Morgan and Cameron McVey under a different title that was called “Looking Good Diving” and on the B side of the same single another version of the same song was created and produced by Stock, Aiken and Waterman called “Looking good diving with the Wild Bunch” which featured Neneh Cherry then.

    Two years later Neneh then re-recorded the song via the help of Tim Simenon (from Bomb The Bass) and Mark Saunders. This was to be called “Buffalo Stance”.

    tim simenon 2015a

    Over the years I have always wanted find out what was meant by the title of the song? Well, I went ahead and did some more research about this and found this out.

    Apparently, the term refers to a group of WEST LONDON,(England) photographers, models, musicians, hair and makeup artists, etc which was gathered by the former fashion stylist Ray Petri, of whom Cherry, Morgan and McVey were all members of.

    Thus the meaning is to stand like you are posing for a photo-shoot in a London fashion magazine in the 1980s. Making sense now?

    Remember the fashion statement coming out of London at the time (Late 1980’s)- the no-nonsense Nylon MA1 army surplus flight jacket, lined in bright orange, teamed with up with Levi's 501s JEAN CRAZE that took hold of England: the look that evolved into the predominant urban male uniform of the 80s.

    Yes that’s Petri....

    Anyway, let’s get back to the song that is “Buffalo Stance”.

    The song also features a sample within its makeup that is called “Buffalo gals” by Malcolm McLaren & the World's Famous Supreme Team as a single in 1982.

    The Buffalo Gals single that is used as a sample within Buffalo Stance single.

    When Nenha eventually appeared onTOP OF THE POPS (English Pop Chart music program) in 1988, she was 7 months pregnant with her first child.

    Probably, the most famous words within the song are these.

    “What’s he like? Whats he like anyway?”,
    “Yo, man what do you expect the guy’s a gigolo”,
    “You know what I mean?”

    The switching of accents from a broad East London accent to a Native New Yorker accent just makes everyone smile.

    What a catchy, solo record release by Neneh at that time. It’s still the single that everyone knows her by who ever hears it. It still makes everyone smile.

    A few people that I have mentioned the song too state that they feel that Rihanna’s Rude Boy video was influenced by this song/video. Hmmmm….

    Please click on the YOU TUBE VIDEO below which caused me to write this in the first place(*Just to warn you there is a short advert before he song!). Just to hear it one my time yourself.

    How old where you when you first heard this song?

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