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  • Larry Heard is a musical hero of Chicago, Usa - Right????

    Larry Heard is a musical hero of Chicago, Usa - Right????

    The Chicago House music legend - Larry Heard

    Larry Heard is Chicago House music Legend; and also one of the fathers of Deep House musicas well. Thats a fact!

    But first of all what is Deep House music I can hear you muttering in the background? Well, to put you in the picture it is another sub gender of House music. 

    Deep house to be honest to you is known for complex melodies, which sometimes also incorporates a more soulful, ambient, or lounge like texture to feel of the music and the vocals (if any vocals are used within the song).

    During the early years of Deep House music (1986–89), the influence of Jazz music could be found some where within the music. This brought out more complex chords structures to be used within the music than the more simple chord progressions which can found in traditionally sounding House music.

    Another factor of Deep House music is this.The use of vocals became more common within deep house as time moved on. The vocals that are included within Deep House and geared to match the  concentrated dissonant melodies, and a smooth, stylish, and chic demeanor of the music.

    Deep house music rarely reaches a climax, but lingers on as a comfortable, relaxing sound. Though many of these traits have still carried through to modern Deep House, the genre has become much "techier" (Techno influences) when compared to its roots.

    Deep House was originally conceived by the group known as Fingers Inc which included Larry Heard (Producer), Robert Owens(Vocalist) and Ron Wilson (Vocalist). All of them heralding from the city of Chicago, USA

    Many music critics have now regarded the single called “Mysteries of Love” as being the first Deep House music single ever made; which was a millions miles away from the City of Chicago’s fascination with the trend of the time that was “Acid House music"  -1985”.

    The Fingers INC story began in late 1983, when touring R'n'B/Jazz drummer Larry Heard was coaxed by family and friends into turning a tune he'd been fooling around with called 'Mysteries Of Love' into something real. Larry known to his younger brother as 'loose fingers', due to his keyboard playing style - felt that the song demanded a singer, and local DJ Robert Owens was the man.

    So Mr. Fingers became Fingers Inc. and, in April '86, 'Mysteries Of Love' was released on the DJ International label. What followed was to become, for Chicago, a depressingly typical tale.

    30,000 people bought the 'Mysteries of Love on 12 inch record, putting it at Nr. 10 in Billbord's national sales chart, but the initial advance from DJ International records was all the money the group was to receive.

    "Mysteries of Love" by Fingers Inc - 1986

    To get out of their contract, Fingers Inc had to give DJ International record label another record, so they recorded “A Path” This record is based on the an introspective career analysis of their bad experiences with the music business and more so DJ International records.

    However, in reality their options were limited, and so their career beat a path to the door of Trax Records where, after releasing 'Bringing Down The Walls' and the 'Can You Feel It' EP, they suffered a similar treatment, and decided to stop recording for any Chicago labels.

    I don't know the music business anywhere else', says Larry, 'but the small labels in Chicago are not very honest. At least we got something off every record. Some people got nothing, or had their songs stolen.

    In the second half of '1987, they released 'I'm Strong' and 'A Love Of My Own' on their own Alleviated label, content - after their previous experiences - to be less visible but more independent.

    Independence has always characterised Fingers Inc., not least at all in the subject matter department.

    'Jack means nothing to me', claimed Larry at the height of Chicago's jackmania, 'Our songs are about experiences and beliefs. 'A Path' is almost religious.' Roberts lyrics span everything from love wars to Ethiopia and, on songs like 'Feelin Sleezy', reflect their heavily sexual/druggey ambience of Larry's music.

    'Feeling Sleezy', explains Robert, 'IS sexually motivated. It's about the all-American feeling of being at home, bored, on your own, and wanting someone, going out to find them. Fingers Inc. is about looking at your life, the battle to fit into the circuit of life.'

    This lyrical idiosyncrasy - coupled with sophisticated rhythms and subtle productions - has meant that Fingers Inc. have, despite their popularity, never been the victims of blatant musical piracy.

    But the influence of their style has been enormous. From 'Mysteries Of Love' to their latest single 'Distant Planet' (At the time) - a collaboration with Dennis 'The It' Harris and Frankie Knuckles - they've pioneered the spaced-out, moody acid tracks House style, and singles like 'Can You Feel It' have profoundly influenced the now-in-vogue atmospheric Detroit sound (Rythim Is Rhythim) has often assumed to be a Fingers pseudonym).

    'Another Side' is Fingers Inc. complete work up to date, the definitive document, featuring all the DJI, Trax and Alleviated singles, 'Distant Planet' and another nine previously unreleased tracks, many featuring new group member Ron Wilson (on vocals).

    It's the consummate debut LP of a Chicago group who any House insider will tell you, possess talent and integrity in unusual abundance. Don't take it from me. Just put the needle on the record!".

    (This story was taken from the left side inside the gatefold sleeve cover of this compilation) of the album that is "Another side" - by Fingers INC - Released in 1988

    Fingers Inc - Robert Ownes, Larry Heard and Ron Hardy

    So there you have it detail of how Fingers Inc came about in creating the first Deep House record. However, though Larry Heard since helping to produce that classic House record; he himself has gone onto(and under different guises as well) create and many a great tune himself. 

    One of my favourite from him is this one. The Single is called “Missing You” by the one and only Larry Heard - May, 2000.

    Possibly one of the most beautiful House tracks ever made.Gentle piano and percussion that will leave you moved; together with Larry Heard's voice makes it just right for this record. Also lets note the space aged effects in the background that makes this single so beautiful! Many people will only listen to Deep House because of this single alone!

    Lets hope one day he gets some kind of Music recognition for all the fine music that he has made in the past, and continues to do so

    Anyway have a listen to this single yourselves and see why I have made such as fuss over it. Do not take my word on it. Please click on the You Tube Video below and listen on;

    “Missing You” by Larry Heard - May, 2000


    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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  • The Rurals - England has someone that they can feel proud of within the world of Deep House music.

     The Rurals - Andy Compton - Devon, England

     Andy Compton - The Rurals - England

     The music of Deep House was created within the country that is the USA. In fact the city of Chicago, USA to be precise.

    And if you wanted to pin it down to an individual - it would have to be Larry Heard, or the group that he was in at the time called - Fingers Inc. 

    Since the creation of the music from the city of Chicago - the music's appeal has spread over to other areas of the Usa - such as New York, Detriot, New Jersey, and San Franciso - and then has since taken hold within the Uk, Europe, Russia and South Africa (especially South Africa).

    However, if there was ever one group that I could put forward from the Uk, to join the rank and file of other artists from all over the world to compete and put down crediable music for this particular music. It would be - The Rurals.

    The Rurals are a group from the Uk which should have by now achieved International media acclaim by now.
    But for some reasons or another things have't worked out that way.

    Andy Compton and Marie Tweakwere one of the original members of the group that is known as The Rurals which is still operational today.

    Andy Compton (left) and Marie Tweak (right)

    I remember listening to the group for the very first time during the year of 2000. The single in question was called "Lush".A Beautiful slice of Deep House music, layed together with some equally beautiful vocals that was/is from the groups vocalist at the time that was Marie Tweak.

    The Rurals - "Lush"- 2000 

    It was from listening to that single alone above. That it made it my personally quest to search and continue to follow this group

    musicially over the follow years. Here is another...

    The Rurals - Rebel - 2007

    The Rurals are originally from an area within the Uk called Devon -however they are based in the city of BRISTOL, UK.

    However it was when Andy Compton who was in a funk/rock group at the time; and then decided to move to Nottingham,

    here in England. That his musical tastes changed. Nottingham was an area in the Uk that really took to the music of

    Deep House music. Impressed by the area's love of the music. He decided to experiment and try produce their own versions of Deep House.

    It seems that Andy met Marie Tweak (the group main vocalist at the time) through a friend called Jan, who owned a
    record shop at the time called "Reform" - which was based in the town of Exeter, here in Uk.

    It was to be a master stroke for the group as Marie went onto join the group. And from then on now had a brilliant vocalist in the form of
    Marie Tweak sing over the music that the group that was The Rurals had made. She also wrote the lyrics to most of the tracks that she was to sing over.

    Andy has confessed that there is no magical formular when it comes to creating the music that they go about making
    the music that they have become famous for.

    It is a simple case of jamming together as a group within their own studio, or various other studios; And by doing this they would come up with a groove or the music beat in general.

    Once that has been achieved then they go about putting together lyrics to the music that they have in general.

    The group have become known for making:
    1.Deep House music
    2.Future Soul music
    3.Soulful House music
    4.Acid Jazz music

    This combination and various styles of music that they have been making over the years has gained them a world wide following. Since the creation of
    The Rurals in 1994. The group have made over 80 eps and 14 long playing albums in the process.

    I have spoken to Andy, more so then Marie over the years concerning his attitudes to the music, The Rurals and other things over the years.

    And one thing that seems to come to mind is his absolute love of making and creating new music. That has never left him!

    Here is an Interview that I did with him during the year - 2002 - The Rurals - The Official Interview - year - 2002

    They have completed numerous musical tours over the years since their inception which was 1994.
    However, they have not gained the International stardom that I and many others feel that they should have reached in regards on a mainstream pop basis.

    The Rurals - Just fine - 2006  

    The Rurals even have their own label that is Peng records which was creasted in 1999.
    It seems that the reason why the label was created was that before Peng Records came to fruition.
    Was because the music that the Rurals was creating and sending over to various records labels was taking
    too long to get any feed back from them; and if they did agree to go along with it. It was taking too for the Rurals to getting paid!.

    So the label of Peng Records was created.

    Peng Records has grown and been very beneifical to The Rurals. As they now have a side division for the label.
    This division is known as Peng Africa. Peng Africa is a division of the label that is now geared towards to promoting up and coming
    South African House and Deep House music producers.

    Sad news was to came to us within the year of 2007 when it was announced that Marie Tweak and Andy Compton had broken up.

    The two founder members of the group were to go there own ways because of this.
    In fact Marie Tweak was released her first solo album in 2007 in fact. The album was called Like this by Marie Tweak - 2007 

    The last recording that I have heard from Marie Tweak myself was when I found out that she was involved in this project

    DJ Garphie Feat Marie Tweek ‎– Rainbows In My Mind

    Its good news to know that Marie Tweak is still involved within music, and we as fans are still able to hear that lovely voice of hers.

    Because of Marie decision to go solo - Andy Compton and the rest of the band (The Rurals) have since worked with other
    vocalists from all over the world for years now.

    One the last track/s that I got to purchase fromThe Rurals was this one
    - Andy Compton Feat. Celestine - Kiss From Above: 

    Also this one. I nearly forget about this below.

    In My Soul - L.A.M.P - Andy Compton (The Rurals ) & Ladybird Paris:

    The lastest musical adventure involving the Rurals and music release from them is - The Rurals - Retrospect


    The Rurals are one of the best groups that the Uk have created within the world of House music and

    Future soul musicover the years; and yet they seem to fail to get the recognition from their place of birth (The Uk).

    However, they are seen as heroes within countries such as South Africa and the USA. Strange world isn't it?

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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