Jamiroquai  SPINE INJURY

  • The Hats back. Jamiroquai is here again

    Jamiroquai – The one with the Hats is back

    The fmous image of Jamiroquai

    Well he’s back.The band that is Jamiroquaihave announced their return to the lime light after 14 years in the darkness.

    During the month of March 2017, Jamiroquai (The Band) announced their latest album called  “Automatron”, and this would be the follow up to their previous album called Dust Light Star. The album called “Automatron” will be the bands 8th Studio album release.

    To complement the release of “Automatron” the group decided to go on a world tour which took in places such as Tokyo and Seoul in addition to all the major cities in Europe.

    Jay Kay Jamiroquai BBC Breakfast 2017 – interview!

    However, within North America cities these tour dates were not included until now.

    The Coachella Festival has already confirmed that Jamiroquai (The Band) will be playing on the dates that are – April 13th to the 20thApril, 2018.

    With the Coachella festival it seemed only like a matter of time that other dates would be found for the group to play within other major American cities. And this came to fruition when it was announced that the band would be playing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisio, California,Usa.

    Already pre-sale of tickets of the show have began – that dates were – 18th January, 2018.

    Jamiroquai are a British jazz, soul and funk band formed in 1992.They are fronted by lead singer known as Jason Kay (Aka Jay Kay). They have been going for at 26 years now and have confirmed high profiled fans of their muisic such as well – Pharell Williams and Stevie Wonder to boot.

     The band have become the most prominent leaders of the London-based funk/acid jazz movement, that included groups such as Incognito, the James Taylor Quartet, and the Brand New Heavies.

    Their later albums have seen them touch on other musical influences such as poprock, electronica and even drum and bass music!

    The bands name has always become a talking point during interviews and between music fans alike. However, it appears that the name came from this.The band name is a mixture of the two. "jam" and Iroquois, which is a Native American tribe.

    Over the years the line up of Jamiroquai has changed quite radically. However the original line composed of – Jason Kay (Vocals), Toby Smith (Keyboards), Stuart Zender (Bass player),

    Nick Van Gelder ( Drums), and Wallis Buchanan ( Didgeridoo).

    Like I mentioned above that Jason Kay is the frontman of Jamiroquai. He decide to form the band after an unsuccessful attempt to become the singer of the Brand New Heavies. He is occasionally referred to as 'Jamiroquai', due to misconception that the band is a solo artist.

    I remember reading a London based magazine called “Free” magazine, which later changed their name to “Touch Magazine”.  They gave us the “Low down” about this new group and its debut single called “When are gonna learn” that came out during the year of 1992.

    It was given a really good write up, and one to look out for. So I went ahead and made sure that I got a copy from a Ipswich based record store called “Andy’s Record store”.

    I purchased the 12inch format of the record and I am glad that I did so. Had a lovely blend of Soul/Jazz and Funk vibes just running through the single And the vocalist had a really nice voice.

    You can check out the single for yourself if you want. Please check out the official you tube Video of the single here below.

    Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn? (Official Music Video) – 1992

    The single “When you gonna learn? was a massive success. So much so that Jamiroquai signed an eight-album record deal withSony Music Entertainment.

    The first Sony album, Emergency on Planet Earth, was released in 1993 and reached the UK albums chart at no. 1

    It was followed in 1994 by the album known as The Return of the Space Cowboy. The album's single "Space Cowboy" entered at number 17 in the UK chart and reached no.1 in the US Dance Chart.

    I like many others loved the remix version of the song better the original of the track called “Space Cowboy”.

    The original version featured the bass playing of Steve Zender and is known as “The Stoned Again mix”. 

    The mix that I and many others love is this one. It was done by David Morales, the House music, dj/producer from the Usa.

    I had to get it when it first came out in 1994. It was played everywhere. Every bar,  every night club, just everywhere during the summer of 1994. Please have a listen to this version below yourself.

     Space Cowboy – DAVID MORALES REMIX – 1994

    Their popularity at the time was assured within Europe and in Japan. But Jamiroquai needed to crack the American music market. And they did with this album.  The album in question is known as “Travelling without Moving” released during the year of 1996.

    It went to number 24 in the Usa album 200 chart, and reached as high as number 2 within the album charts in the Uk. It featured two monster tracks from the album; “Virtual Insanity” being one and “Cosmic Girl” being the other.

    With regards to the single called “Virtual insanity” the music video directed by Jonathan Glazer. It won video of the year in 1967 at the MTV video music awards which further helped for the music single success in the charts.

    Please have a listen to explanation of how Music director Jonathan Glazer went about creating it.

    Jonathan Glazer - The Making of Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity - (Release August 1996)

    The single called “Deeper Underground” was released during the year of 1998 and due to the popularity of the group.  The single being featured in the movie called “GODZILLA”.It was around this time that the original bassist - Stuart Zender left the band during the production of the album called Synkronized” which was released in 1999. He was replaced by the new bassist called Nick Fyffe to record the new sessions.

    The album's success in the USA was troubled due to press coverage, that involved the band as a whole turning down a million dollar offer to play at a concert on New Years Eve of 1999, when Jason Kay was accused of assaulting a tabloid photographer (These charges were later dropped).

    Their follow-up album, was called A Funk Odyssey, and was issued in September 2001. The first release single from the album, was called "Little L". This single reached Top 100 in many charts around the worldwide; and becoming their biggest-selling dance hit to date. Co-songwriter and keyboardist Toby Smith left the band though in 2002.

    Jamiroquai decided to released a compilation album called Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai in 2003 under Azuli Records (UK). It contains a selection of the band's soulfunk and disco influences.

    The band's sixth album, titled Dynamite, was released on 20 June 2005. This album did well and reached No. 3 on the UK charts at the time.

    The first single, "Feels Just Like It Should", was released early in June 2015; followed up by "Seven Days in Sunny June" (August 2005); and "(Don't) Give Hate a Chance" (November 2005).

    In March 2006, Jamiroquai announced that they would be their switching their allegiance from Sony Records to Columbia Records.

    The official website of Jamiroquai  - Jamiroquai announced their switch to Columbia Records - In March 2006

    With this change soon came a greatest hits album collection, called - High Times: Singles 1992–2006 -was released in November 2006 and marked the end of Kay's eight-album contract with Sony Records.

     Jamiroquai stated that the compilation album was released purely out of contractual obligation with Sony Records.

    Jamiroquai's Jay Kay is angry and isn't going to take it any more Nov 2005

     The album reached the number 1 spot in the UK album chart after its first week of release, and featured two new tracks such as, "Runaway" and "Radio" in 2006.

     On September 2006, "Runaway" was given its first play by UK radio stations and was released as a single on October 2006.

    After leaving Sony Records, the band began to work on their seventh studio album (in addition to various collaborations and side-projects).

    In February 2007, Jamiroquai performed at the record-breaking called Gig in the Sky, in association with Sony Ericsson.

    In January 2008, the band confirmed that the recording process for their latest album had begun. According to the news item, eleven tracks had already been written for the new album, with more to come.

    The first known track for the 7th album, called "White knuckle Ride”, was performed live and confirmed by Kay himself to be on the new album via him being on the BBC Radio 1 show – The Chris Moyes show – September 2010.

    Their seventh album, Rock Dust Light Star, was released in November 2010 under Mercury Records/Universal Records.

    The album sold 220,000 copies worldwide within the first two months of release.

    On 16 January 2017, Jamiroquai released an online short teaser video from their eighth studio album Automaton.

    Billboard magazine article about Jamiroqual 8th albumJamiroquai released an online short teaser video from their eighth studio album Automaton – 16th Jan 2017

    Jason Kay Lead Singer and Jamiroquai is back on stage where fans can appreciate them..

     A day later, the band announced a 10-date Spring & Summer 2017 Festival tour of Asia & Europe due to start on 25 May 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, and to end on 5 August 2017 in Sudoeste, Portugal; additionally, it included shows in South Korea, Greece and the Netherlands. 

    Jamiroquai released another online teaser video for the album called Automaton, with all twelve track titles from the album; and was officially issued on 31 March 2017. The first single that was release from the album was called Automaton.

    The single was a Disco, Electronic, Funk and Pop hybrid that surprised everyone when it was first released.

    “The inspiration for Automaton is in recognition of the rise of artificial intelligence and technology in our world today and how we as humans are beginning to forget the more pleasant, simple, and eloquent things in life and in our environment including our relationship with one another as human beings,” stated Jason Kay


    Around mid-May 2017, Jason Kay seriously injured his spine, requiring surgery; this led to the indefinite cancellation of several upcoming tour dates. Some of them were rescheduled, while the band resumed touring in July.

    Jamiroquai SPINE INJURY in 2017

    In January 2018, the band released another song from the album called, "Now We Are Alone", originally an out-take from the album Automaton; was made available for streaming on the band's official You Tube page.

     Jamiroquai - "Now We Are Alone" - 2018

    Another release from the same album was called – “Cloud 9”; and was released on 22 February 2017.

     All of singles that were did reasonable well and many fans of the band were glad to see them back in action.

    However for me (This is just my opinion) I still rate their early material back in the early to Mid 1990’s as the groups most successful period.

    Out of all the singles that I love from this group these would be the two. I still play them from time to time to be honest.

     Both of the tracks come from the year of 1993. At first when I heard them both of them I thought that they were Stevie Wonder compositions. They sounded so Jazzy and funky and had that Stevie Wonder vibe about them.

    The first one was:

    Jamiroquai – “Too Young to die” -  1993.

    The second one was:

    Jamiroquai – “Blow to your Mind” – 1993

    I also have to confess that I loved this track from the album as well which is called Night out in the Jungle - 2018; which I hope goes to prove that Jamiroquai are going to keepthat funky feel to their music even though they are experimenting “Electronic Vibes” as well.

    Night out in the Jungle - 2018

    Jamiroquai are a British institution that has managed to get their sound around the world where people will always give them a listen. The front man that is Jason Kay gives the bands the image with the natty head wear that he was word over the years. However, one must give them credit for creating a sound that seems to stand the test of time.

    Well That is my take on it? What do you think? Have you seen him live since he has released the album that is called Automaton. Did he leave up to the hype? If you did please let us know. I myself have never seen the band perform live – but I have a number of records; so I and many other would love to find out your opinion performing live. Come please don’t be shy???

    Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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