• Are you doing the Southern Freeez sir?

    Freeez - Southern Freeez - 1980/1981

    southern freez - 1981

    I'm going back in time again with this single. Yeap I was going through that record box again I'm afraid, and this time I picked up an album that I hadn't played in years which made me smile.which 

    The single from the album in question was/is "Southern Freeez" by the group called Freeez which caused all that fuss back in the 1980's. The singles release came about during the month of January, 1981.

    The album was a debut release from the 5 piece, Jazz/Funk band based in London called Freeez, back in 1980. Via the release of the single into the national charts. We saw an explosion of interest within the music that was Jazz/Funk which had been created  by artists such as Herbie Hancock and others years before.

    Inpendandant Album Link about Southern Freeez - 1980 - Please Click link

    Along with Hi Tension, Light of the World and Level 42(Funk or Jazz/Funk bands) - England was within a Jazz Funk musical bubble.

    These groups hoped that their single releases put out music as Jazz/Funk would be taken as serious as their American counter parts had done at least 10 years earlier.

    The group consisted of - Led by John Rocca (percussion/vocals), along with Peter Maas (bass), Paul Morgan (drums), and Andy Stennett (keyboards) and Gordan Sullivan (Guitar)

    The band fused traditional disco with jazz/funk, and Latin rhythms with varying degrees of success.

    However on this track alone the vocalist that has made the song so special in club land history is none other than - Ingrid Mansfield-Allman

    At the time the single sounded so fresh, invirograting and exciting; and then to make within the Uk top ten music charts. Made it even more special for us over in the Uk. 

    And finally to see the group performing on Top of the Pops music chart show ( here in the uk) as well was the icing on the cake for us Soul/Funk and Jazz Funks

    fans at the time..

    Freeez - "Southern Freez - Top of the Pops appearance (Uk) - during 1981:

    The Lyrics of the famous song are below.

    Love saw it in your eyes
    Sensed it in your smile
    Boy I like your style
    Oh yeah

    When I saw you on the floor doing the southern freeez
    Then I knew you were the one the only one for me

    Love feel it in your touch
    In the way you move
    I like it very much yes I do

    Time time is moving on
    Guess it’s getting late
    Soon you’ll take me home

    People everywhere doing the southern freeez
    Laughing all the time this is the life for me

    Heartbeat whisper in my ears
    Now it won’t be long no
    Just you and me my dear yeah
    Sweet darling making love so slow
    Your so beautiful yes you are
    You got me all a glow

    When I saw you on the floor doing the southern freeez
    Then I knew you were the one, the only one for me

    Legend has it that the song title came about due to a dance craze which began in London called the "Freeze". Dancers or clubbers alike that were dancing to the track that was/is by Rodney Frankyln called "The Groove - 1980" would stop stillas the music stopped within the record. And would only move until the record itself progressed.- (Source - "Robert Elms Show". October 4, 2013. Event occurs at 2:30:20. BBC London 94.9.)

    The Single - Rodney Frankyln - The Groove - 1980:

    Another firm favourite of mine from the album that is called "Southern Freez" is the track called "Mariposa". Another class track that should have been released in my opinion rather than the next and official 3rd release from band which was "Flying High"

    The "Mariposa" track has the expected Jazz/funk element within its make up. Also within the initial opening bars of the song - we are greeted by some great piano playing. And finally some Brazillian styled vocal arrangement by the bands members. The drumming throughout the song is also to be marvelled at as well.

    The Album version of Mariposa - Please Click on the You Tube video below

    I remember seeing the band peform the song live on another legenday, BBC Music show here in England called The Old Grey Whistle Test.
    (*I have include the Live performance) and vinyl release so you hear the differences yourself. I just love this single.

    The group called Freeez appearance Live on TheOld Grey Whistle Test performance below:

    However, the song called "Southern Freeez" is the one that the band will always be remebered for.

    In fact it reached number 8 in the National pop charts within 1981. One must not forget the fanstastic vocal delivery of Ingrid Mansfield-Allmanon this song.

    Her voice is prefect for this track. I just think that this song could only have been sung by herself. She put her own indelible mark on it.

    If you ever get the chance to listen to the whole album. And even If you don't like the music of Jazz as a musical concept. After reading this article you might well change your mind abou this concept of Jazz - Jazz/Funk

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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    Arthur Adams – you’ve got the floor –  Oct 1981

    Arthur Adams - The USA Blues Musician changed direction and went all Jazz Funk on us with - You've got the floor in 1981

    It was one of the stand out music singles of 1981. I remember hearing this for the first time under the bed sheets of my bed would you believe. Yes it’s true. I was listening to the Tony Prince on Radio Luxemburg when I was in bed with a radio underneath the bedcovers.

    I loved his show, and already he had already played some great tunes already within his set. However he played a tune that was so captivating at the time that I prayed that when I eventually went to sleep. I would then on wake up and still be able remember the title of the tune so that I could go about it and write it down. I would then be in the position to be able to purchase the tune by the end of the week.

    The 12 inch single that I went ahead to purchase all those years ago was – Arthur Adams –“You got the floor”.

    Now within the year of 2016/2017 – I am looking at the 12 inch single that I have stored in the record boxes in my loft area of my home. I was within that cleaning mode yet again, and at the same time getting rid of old bric and brac that was now not needed. And I was tempted to open up one of those boxes and have a search through.

    I was stopped in my tracks when I reached the 12inch called Arthur Adams – “You’ve got the floor” – within my box. I remember when I first heard it as mentioned above. And the shop that I bought it from at the time – which was Andies Records here in Ipswich Town, England.

    That following Saturday, here in Ipswich the Song had made the decks of every major Club Dj within the town, and everyone was in love with it.

    At the time, England, or clubland England was in the hold of music and culture of JAZZ FUNK. And this single came out at the right time and the right place.

    This single came out of the blue as the artist that created this single called Arthur Adams was an out and out blues musician and blues guitarist who himself was inspired by BB King and other 1950 musicians.

    However, he certainly surprised everyone when bought out  You've got the floor which reached number 1 in the UK disco chart that year and 38 in the UK singles chart. However, within the UK this 12" single track also reached number 1 in the UK's disco chart the same year.

    Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor Original 12 inch Version 1981

    I loved the synth sound on this single at the time. I was really impressed on how many jazz funk tunes were including this sound within their single releases. I also loved the bassline and drum during opening passages the start of the single. So simple and yet so effective. I liked the vocals of Arthur Adams. Nothing special and yet his voice was perfect for this single. And finally that saxophone solo within the single is so cool. I’m in jazz Funk fan heaven right now just holding this single in my hands again.

    It just sounded so different to all the music’s at the time coming from jazz/funk and disco music scene. The record originally appeared on the small US label Inculcation owned by actor Bernie Hamilton, who produced the track.

    The single was a must have for all us UK Jazz/Funk fans at the time. And for those that came from this time from around the world. It’s very unlikely that this singe will ever be forgotten from those that heard it at that time.

    You would have thought that single would have made Mr. Adams to stay within this new niche; which saw him secure the biggest musical hit of his career.

    Arthur Adams - The USA Blues Musician changed direction and went all Jazz Funk on us with - You've got the floor in 1981

    However, once a blues man. Always a blues man. And he returned to that musical scene very shortly afterwards.

    He working occasionally as a session guitarist for various groups. After tiring of session work. in 1985 Adams became the bassist for Nina Simone on her 1995 European tour as well as recording on and contributing songs to the Nina's Backalbum.

    In 1986, he recorded a session for a Church's Fried Chicken commercial, with harpist Chris Smith. By 1987, Adams was fronting his own blues band, and again performing live. He wrote two songs, which appeared on for B.B. King's 1992 album There is Always One More Time. Adams became a bandleader at B. B. King's blues club in Los Angeles, often performing with drummer James Gadson.

    Adams recorded a version of Ann Peebles soul classic "I Can't Stand the Rain" for the movie Town And Country, starring Goldie Hawn He performed at the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival in August 1997, and in November at the Utrecht Blues Estafette in The Netherlands.

    In 1999, he released the album Back on Track,his first solo release in 20 years. B.B. King even guested on the album on guitar. This was his first release on the Blind Pig record label. Adams wrote eight out of the eleven tracks combining the three styles of gospel, blues and soul. Tracks include two duets with King ("Got You Next To Me" and "The Long Haul") – both composed by Adams and Will Jennings.

    In 2004, we learn that he released Soul of the Blues.

    However, he and this single will never be forgotten that was released in 1981. Mr. Adams certainly had got the floor that for sure.

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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  • Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum - What a tune

    Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum - What a tune

    I was checking my music boxes that I have stored in my loft. I have decided to look through the various music vinyl tracks and I came across artists from the country of Brazil. It was via this thought process that I came across an album that stopped me in my "tracks" so to speak as I flicking through them.

    The album was/is called "Feminina" by  the artist called Joyce released in 1980.

    "Feminina" by Joyce released in 1980

    As soon as I had that album in my hands I turned the album over to look for the track called "Aldeia De Ogum".

    What a track it was when it was released! It has always been my favourite. At the time everyone was going crazy for it when they first heard it as well, or if you were into the same type of music that I was at the time.  

    England at the time was going through a musical love affair with the music known as Jazz/Funk and Jazz Fusion as well with other musical styles.

    The music of Jazz/Funk or Jazz Fusion was dominating the dance floors of Englandat the time; and it was finding play on most of the

    Underground pirate radio stationsas well.

    The music that was being featured and was being bought heavily from the Uk music loving fans were from Usa Jazz/Funk artists such as Roy Ayers, Grover Washington Junior, George Benson, Herbie Hancock and Earth, Wind and Fire, etc etc.

    Also due to specialist Radio shows hosted by Dj personalities such as Robbie Vincent.

    We were also being pointed over to look at the growing Japanese Jazz Funk musical artists that were also making excellent material for us to purchase and obtain as well.

    However, the country of Brazil entered the fray with these artists - Azimuth, Tania Maria and this artist Joyce.

    Myself and the whole wide world will always know her as Joyce. However these days she goes by the name that is Joyce Morceno.

    In her musical life time Joyce, has written over 400 songs since she decided that a music career was for her.

    Joyce singing and playing the Guitar 2011

    Starting her career within the year 1968, Joyce has written and helped to produce over 40 Albums so far; and it seems she is not slowing down.

    If you have ever seen Joyce live on stage you will either see clutching a Microphone and singing into it. Or playing her own Guitar. Or better still singing and playing at the same time to a particular song.

    Nominated for 4 Latin Grammy awards already within her career, and achieving a Brazilian life time achievement award as well.  She is thought of fondly in Brazil.

    However, lets back to the single that stopped me in my tracks as mentioned previously. The single once again is called "Aldeia De Ogum" - released in 1980.

    And I have to say what a fantastic single it is. It is a Jazz Track and yet it is full of Brazilian musical influences.

    Those influences are Samba music; and a modern form of it at the time when this record was made as well.

    However, from the same album that is "Feminina" the single called "Clareana"was the first big hit from the album; and was well received within Brazil at the time.

    The single that is "Clareana"was originally composed as a lullaby for her two young children that she and her Husbandwere bringing up at the time.

    However, the next big hit from the album was "Aldeia De Ogum"and still stands the test of time.

    It states softly with the percussion instruments coming to the fore first, then the Rhythm guitar enter the fray; then the drums and then we are greeted with Joyce's voice.

    Sung in her native Portuguese language it makes the single sound even better in my opinion.

    For me it's when you hear the Rhythm guitar for the 1st time within the song that just makes you melt. Those very first guitar riffs and the Joyce voice that you hear then you know that it is going to be a great, great single.

    Please Listen to the single yourself and see if it has the same effect on you that it did all those years ago when I first heard it, early in 1980.

    Where ever you are in the world when the song gets up and running you feel by listening to it that you in the middle of summer.

    It is such a summer tune that you could be in the middle of winter and yet still feel that you are in the middle of summer.This song has that effect.

    Joyce is now in her mid 60's; however she is still contemplating taking on an extensive 2015 European tour.

    I have mentioned above earlier within this article that she has written already over 400 songs so far. But for me "Aldeia De Ogum"will always, always be the best song Joyceever composed.

    And another thing I will still always be calling her "Joyce". I still can't get used to calling her Joyce Morceno. She will always, always be known as Joyceto me.

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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