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  • Buddy X - Neneh Cherry, Biggie Smalls and The Masters at Work?

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    The 1990’s produced some really good music. I mean some really good music.From Reggae to House,  and from Soul to Hip Hop. It seemed as if the artist/s were always looking to put out the very best tracks that they could deliver.Here is one such track that in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit.

    I have already mentioned one great track already made by Neneh Cherry already on this very website. It’s called “Buffalo Stance”. However, Neneh Cherry musical repertoire is vast. It ranges from Jazz to Rock; and from Rap to Punk and finally from Funk to Techno.

    However she came good on a number of occasions with songs from her past – which has resulted in good press.However there is a song that I am going to discuss with you now from some reason didn’t get the same adulation.

    The song in question is “Buddy x” made in 1992.Legend has it that the song was constructed on the behaviour of singer/songwriter/musician that is Lenny KravitzNeneh Cherry learnt that Lenny Kravitz was quite a ladies man.

    Neneh being disappointed by his behaviour she decided to construct a song about this behaviour, and the impact that this was having on her friend which was Lisa Bonet ; and whom Lenny Kravitz was in a relationship with her at the time.

    The song was originally released as an Rnb track, and it did quite well within the pop charts. Within this same single it features a sample of a song made by Sam and Dave called “Rich kind of Poverty” created in 1967 which was used in the composition of “Buddy x”.The single that is “Buddy X” was featured within the album called “Homebrew” that wasn’t that successful for Nenah Cherry (1992)

    The Buddy X Lyrics below:

    Call yourself a family man
    Talking 'bout the families plan
    To bring the sweet talk deep and down
    Works better than an average pick up line
    You put your woman out to pasture
    On the promises you gave her last year
    Peace and love is on your head
    And the grass is greener playing 'round
    Your family seed is what you spread

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    I don't care what you do
    But there's a hypocrite that lives in you
    Cause if your woman gave her love
    In the same way that you do
    You'd feel a way
    You know you would

    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend
    And what about your woman
    Buddy my friend
    Who you think you fooling
    Buddy my friend

    However the “Buddy X” House mix single is still being played today within soulful house clubs around the world due to the incredible house mixes that were made for the release at the time by the Masters at Work House team.

    The Masters at Work Dj/producers (Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Little “Louie” Vega)were in the heights of the powers, and were fast becoming the latest Dj/producers superstars of House music.

    The Masters at Work House music superstars. One the of the left Little Louie Vega and on the right Kenny Dope Goncalez

    And when you listen to the House mixes that they supplied for this single then you can see why.  

    It is my believe that the House music remixes of this song, made by the duo made up the minds of many A/list music celebrities to sort them out as the hottest dj/producers in town.

    There is also another mix for this “Buddy x” single that marks this track out for legendary status. It features a “rap” by Biggie Smalls on this single as well.

    Cherry admitted that she and her husband Cameron McVey picked up Biggie Smalls for the studio where they remained for the rest of the session. The song in which he agreed to take part within as “Rap” was completed in one take by Biggie Smalls!

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992


    Buddy X (Masters At Work 12" House Remix)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No.1)

    Remix – Masters At Work



    Buddy X (What's Up Mix)



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Jeep Mix)

    Mixed By – Tim LathamRap – Notorious B.I.G.Remix – Falcon & Fabian



    Buddy X (Masters At Work R&B Version)

    Remix – Masters At Work

    However, it is the House music mixes that gained critically acclaim.

    The House music mixes that was supplied for “Buddy x”. It is the drum programming that immediately captures your attention.  Nice and crisp and captures your attention. Then soon after we are greeted by those simple, but lovely Rhodes chords and its chords progression that comes into the track.

    As soon as it does those chords become a premenant feature within the tune; we are eventually graced by vocals of Neneh Cherry. It is at this point that you will find yourself smiling to yourself. Everything fits.

    It’s a wonderful mix/single. I truly believe that this was the mix that “made” The Masters at Work internationally. And I truly believe that this should have been the official release of this single in 1992

    Yes, they had made classic tracks before. But this was the one that made people sit up and take notice.

    Its difficult to say. Very Difficult. But in my opinion after 1992/1993 Masters at Workhad taken over Todd Terry as the “New” House music superstars.Even though Todd Terry was still causing dance floor mayhem with tracks like “Sume Sigh Say and Samba” at the time.

    Their prolific output and quality of the work via remixes many saw them as the new Kings of the Dj/Producers for House music remixers.

    But I have to give credit to the vocals of Neneh Cherry on this single. Her vocals fitted the music production of this single like a glove. I wished that she had worked more with the Masters at Work so would could get great tracks like this.

    Have a listen to the song, and out of all the mixes that are available on this single. This was the best mix of the lot on the 12 inch single release of this song in my opinion..

    Neneh Cherry ‎– Buddy X – 1992 (Masters at Work House mix)


    Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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  • Lenny Kravitz to play Marvin Gaye? – Supposedly coming to a Cinema near to you soon? - (November 2012)


    I was shocked to learn in a good way that the musician and songwriter that is Lenny Kravitz (USA) is to star in a Movie Bio Pic of the late great Soul and Rn'b singer that was/is Marvin Gaye.. London newspaper called The Evening Standard recently broke the story as early as the 19th November 2012.It seems as if Mr Kravitz will star as the gifted and yet as the troubled Soul star that was Marvin Gaye towards the end of his life.

    The film is being directed by the Julian Templewho was involved in within the making of the film/documentary that was/is "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (*That starred the Sex Pistols). He has also helped to direct films such as Absolute Beginners and also the 2006 film/documentary which is known as Glastonbury.

    This latest project will be Lenny Kravitvz first true major screen role. Though it must be said that Kravitz did have a role within the film called "Hungar Games" However, this film will be a massive step up forKravitz. as Marvin Gaye is considered a true music legend within the Music business

    Below I have uploaded a few links of an Interview that took place with Piers Morgan, during 2011 on CNN TV,US.


    Lenny Kravitzis best known for his hits which are"Are you gonna go my way","Fly away"and "It ain't over till its over".Lenny is himself a multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter and a music producer who has worked with or alongside the world best musicisan's and artists.


    Lenny Kravitz has himself also won many music awards within his long musical career. For instance he has won Grammy awards for the best male vocal within Rock music vocal awards from 1999 to 2002. Here is just one of the songs that you can listen to that has allowed him to have gain him loyal legion of fans from around the world.


    However, Mr.Kravitz isn't just a Rocker! If you would like to click on this video below you can see how soulful Lenny Kravitz can be.



    The pending movie bio pic in which Lenny Kravitz will be starring within is to be based on the life and times of Marvin Gaye. The movie will reflect upon a time in which Marvin was living within England and within Belgium. The movie bio/pic will delve into the troubling time/s in which Marvin was facing at this time. This was not a time where Marvin was happy. It was a time where he had become dependant upon alcohol and drugs. His relationship with the Belgian promoter that he had met called Freddy Cousart, helped and persuaded Gaye to return back home and try and make a come back.

    It was advice that he took up as Marvin soon returns back home and starts recording again. This led to Marvin Gaye finally releasing the album called "Midnight Love" which featured the smash hit "Sexually Healing".

    This pending film that is coming out to us has the backing of the record company which is EMI recods. They will allow usage of Marvin Gaye musical back catalogue within the film.


    Marvin Gaye was Motown Records biggest selling,solo artist during the 1960 and early 1970's with hits like "How sweet it is to by loved by you" and "I heard it through the through the Grapefruit vine".

    However, Gaye went into seclusion after the death of his friend and musical partner that was Tammi Terrell at the time (1970).

    A year later (1971)

    Marvin Gaye

    . The album which many of us have heard focuses on a Vietnam veteran returning back from the Vietnam war to the USA, and then witnessing hatred, injustice, racism and suffering. The album also touches on subjects like drug abuse and poverty.


    Years after it was made, it is still considered as one of the greatest albums ever made by music fans and music critics all over the world. A couple of years later Marvin Gaye recordings were to become Soul and Rnb's music's first true concept album.

    His follow up album was equally successful which was called "Lets get it on" (1973). The music went on to influence the "Slow Jam or "Quiet Storm phase" even further within Soul and Rnb music circles which many of us take for granted these days.

    Marvin Gaye was inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame eventually during the year of 1987. 3 x years after his death at the hands of his father in 1984.

    Gaye is often rated amoung many music fans and critics as being the best of the very best. He is rated in many music magazines around the world in very high positions indeed.

    For instance within the Rolling Stones magazine article. Within the greatest artist list of all time he is rated at number 18 out of 100. Blessed with a 3 octive vocal delivery range he sang like an angel which we all revelled in.

    Lets hope that the pending film in which Lenny Kravitz is pending to star in does Marvin Gayejustice. Do you think Lenny Kravitz was the best choice for pending Movie?? Please let me hear your views.

    From time to time will be keeping you abreast of what's happening within certain avenues of contemporary black music from around the world. If you are interested within letting us know about your particular style/vibe within black music in regards to news in general.

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  • Michael Jackson is in the News again - 2014

    The man who just can't stop making News - The one & only Michael Jackson (RIP) - MARCH - 2014


    News of a new album which could be out by as early as April, 2014 by the former artist known as the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) is good news for the music Industry. 

    Like him or not whenever a pending album was/is mentioned about the King of Pop. The Music Industry gets all gidded about it.

    The latest musical adventure for us to revell in sees Sony/ATV Music Publishing who are the largest music publishing company in the world;and is it self co-owned by Sony Corporation and the Estate of Michael Jackson leaked news about a pending new album release from the KING OF POP.

    However, what makes this release a little bit different on this occaision is that this latest album release is only to be released on Sony's New mobile Phone - Sony Xperia Z2 phone.

    sony-xperia-z2ab 2014


    It will initially be available only as pre-installed music on the Sony phone. A date that has been leaked out to us sees the album and the phone to be out to us by as early as April 2014.

    Please click on this link please - The Full News article by Sky News - Click here!

    This is great news for fans of Michael Jackson as the last album release  from him was within the year of 2010. The Album was called "Michael"; and then it featured artists such as Akon, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz and Teddy Riley.

    Please click this link for more news on this - Full news article supplied by NME - Click here

    Other news from the same source state that the legendary Rnb/HipHop producer that is Timberland will be behind some of the tracks on the album. For instance a 67 second section of one the songs that is supposed to appear on the pending album by Michael Jackson appeared on Soundcloud music service on the 7th March 2014, but was quickly withdrawn by 9th March, 2014.

    It must be stressed that the single has no resemblance to the track of the same name that was made famous in the 1980's by the tall Model/singer that is/was Grace Jones.That single reached number 12 in the Uk Pop Charts during 1985.

    Timberland has already spoken about his collobration with the King of Pop before. He annouced this to the World media that he has been working in the background on a unreleased Michael Jackson project from last year (2013).

    The album is being produced by Epic Records, which is owned by Sony records, and the CEO of Sony records who is LA Reid is to be personally helping out and fully behind the project.

    Speculation that the price of this new phone (Sony Xperia Z2) will be £599 in the UK, and it is expected to cost about $600 in the US seems to be correct.

    Even more news about Michael Jackson, comes in the from an Interview which saw Pharell Williams talking about his time with the King of Pop.

    Pharell stated that he penned some tracks for the King of Pop during early 2000's. However the team of the King of Pop didn't think the songs matched his profile. Pharrell then pased the same songs over to Justin Timberlake.

    Justin released then released this as his debut solo album called 'Justified' (2002) which then became an instant world wide best seller. Pharell is stated to have been sad at the time that his songs didn't reach Michael.

     jtjustified 2014

    Please click on the Link supplied to see and hear the rest of the Video Documentary on this annoucement - Please click this link to watch the video of the Interview -  Full News feature and video about Pharell, Michael and Justin - Click here

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