• In the Blue Corner we have Loose Ends. In the Red Corner we have Soul 2 Soul - who's your champion???

    Who were better? - Loose Ends or Soul 2 Soul ???

    Lets get ready to rumble between Loose Ends and Soul 2 Soul within this musical boxing ring arena

    At the time. Both bands had amazing successes within the USA with their brand of Soul and RnB music. The USA and International Soul and RNB music fan were shocked to learn about the input that these groups had achieved within the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s.  The shock came from the fact that they actually came from the UK!

    The USA or the International music fan should haven’t been that shocked about this British sound. As this happened a decade before within the Soul, Pop and Rnb musical genders.

    Music acts such as the Bee Gees, The Average White Band; and the songwriter that was Rod Templetonduring the 1970’s and early 1980’s set the tone for uk acts performing, singing and writing soul and rnb material.

    However, I fear the shock factor in regards to the worlds reaction to this sound coming from the Uk within this new decade that was the 1980’s – was that the sound which was coming from the uk was from the black communities within the Uk.

    Other artist/s from the Uk black community were also making small waves within the International music charts that come to mind during this time. For instance artists such as Light of the World, Lynxz, Central Line, Imagination and Sade come to mind here.

    Black artists or groups from the UK were listening, taking their "queues" from Usa Rnb and Soul musicians and Jamaican Reggae artists; and honing their musicianship and musical sounds from those groups and acts from those countries. These nations have always been the true heavyweights of Pop, Soul, Hip hop, Reggae and Rnb music that we know today whether we like it not (The USA and JAMAICA).

    The world got a taste of England’s intentions when groups as mentioned above during the decade of the 1970’s put their hats into the arena - and shocked everyone.

    However, a new decade was upon us (1980’s). And its probably the most influential musical decade of the 20th Century. (Others might disagree with that statement, stating the 1960’s was instead). The 1980’s saw an explosion of black music acts within the Uk.

    The Uk has one advantage that it can produce from its jacket sleeves. It had on its side the use and inclusion of Pirate Radio network within their music industry.

    It allowed the Uk music loving public to keep in touch with the latest pop and dance music acts from the musical giants that are Jamaica and the Usa.

    This love affair of the Uk music loving pubic and Pirate radio began within the 1960’s. In this decade we saw Pirate Radio stations taking to the North Sea and locating there to provide us with import Usa pop and dance music acts with the occasional Jamaican music acts as well.

    This illegality of the Uk Pirate radio movement attracted a huge audience; it also attracted the notice of the UK government to this movemennt at the same time.

    After years of trying to curb the activities of the Uk Pirate Radio movement. The Uk government passed a law within 1967 called The Marine Broadcasting Actprohibiting the use of these Sea based Pirate radio to operate within the UK. This led to the BBC Organisation themselves having to realise and recognise the love that the Uk music loving public had for the UK Pirate movement.

    During the same year of 1967 the BBC reorganised its self in response to the recent laws passed by the UK government. The BBC restructured its self by establishing new radio stations within its own organisation. These stations were/are Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4.

    However, the Uk Pirate movement was not just over yet. This new crop of Pirates radio stations that appeared over the next decade (the 1970’s) stated appearing on land within the Uk. To be fair they seemed to be appearing within allthe big cities of England. Cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester all had their share of Uk Pirate radio stations.

    However, London had the biggest amount of pirate radio stations within the UK (And it still has).

    This has helped for the UK nation to continue to hear upfront musical genres such as Rnb, Reggae, Funk and Disco hits of the day to be heard; in which they had no chance of hearing on the National Radio stations of the Uk of the day.

    By the time that the 1980’s had arrived, the city of London had an estimated 400 Pirate Radio stations playing upfront Rnb music, House music, Soul music, HipHop music and Rare groove tracks of the day to the London public. Other cities within the Uk also saw a huge increase of these Pirate radio stations within their own areas as well delivering the same service.

    The UK Pirate Radio movement is still alive and kicking here in 2016 within the Uk. Even with the advent of the Internet. Please click on the Video below done by the BBC programme called News Night about the movement.

    The Radio authorities of the Uk were not happy about this situation nor were the emergency services as they believed these stations were interfering with these emergency services frequencies.

    Many within the music industry whether they be record labels, artists, music groups and the music loving public were grateful of these stations. As the nation were now hearing new sounds and new musical styles of music that they would never ever have got the chance of of hearing on National Radio Stations within the Uk at the time.

    The music group that is Loose Ends were based within the area of South London. Loose Ends themselves state that this was the case for them when they stated out. And are grateful for th support that they received from the Pirate Radio stations at the time.

    Their first single called ”In the sky” benefitted hugely from being played on these same styled pirate radio stations within the early 1980’s. Due to the single getting requests at dance record vinyl stores around London. Soon Radio 1 stated playing the single…and they were on their way.

    Loose Ends - In the sky - Please click on the the video to hear the song

    I remember listening to the single myself on the BBC Radio one channel via listening to the presenter called Jeff Young (during the year of 1992). A week later I had purchased the 12inch single myself.

    The group that isLoose Ends were formed in1980 by Steve Nichol and Jane Eugene. A very shortly afterwards to then cameCarl Mackintosh to the band. Now in my opinion they are the greatest soul and Rnb that has ever come out of the Uk. Many critics would stateThe Bee Gees.  However, I have discredit this idea. As great as theThe Bee Gees were, they were not an out and out Soul and Rnb band.

    They were Pop band, they were Disco band, they were a ballad band yes they did release Soul and Rnb numbers but not all the time. However, what is said about them they were a great band. However they were not an out and out Soul and Rnb band. Loose Ends were an out and out soul and Rnb band.

    Loose Ends are often credited as being the best band to ever come from the Uk as an straight out and out Rnb and Soul band. I tend to agree with them.

    The first 4 x albums received some help from the New York Producer called Nick Martinelli. He had the same influence on the band as George Martin (Producer of the Beatles) did with the “Fab Four” - The Beatles. Nick Martinelli was the unofficial member 4th member of Loose Ends.

    Technically they have not called it a day. However, the group has not put out a studio album since 1990. In fact that they have released 5 x studio albums so far.

    These are:

    1. A little spice - 1984
    2. So where are you – 1985
    3. Zagora – 1986
    4. The Real Cuckaboo – 1988
    5. Look how Long? – 1990

    One of the great strengths of the music of Loose Ends was/is the quality of their album releases; and the music singles that is contained within them. Every single album in which they have bought out was of great quality. The only studio in which they made in which was a little below par the others, was the album called – The Real Chuckaboo – 1988

    My favourite studio albums are in this order from the group.

    1. Look how Long? – 1990 

    2. A little spice - 1984

    3. Zagora – 1986

    4. So where are you – 1985

    5. The Real Cuckaboo – 1988

    The Loose End sound had/has developed into a highly classy, Soul, Rnb and Urban Contemporary production.  As I have mentioned above my favourite album from the group was – “Look How long” (Made in 1990). And this was produced with two of the original members of the band that was Steve Nichol and Jane Eugene leaving the band in the year of 1989.

    Carl Mackintosh the other original member ofLoose Ends decided to stay on and continue with band. By doing that he had to hire new musicians and other vocalists.And I have to stay every track on the album called “Look how long” (1990) is probably the best Uk soul and Rnb album to come from the Uk. It’s that good.

    Loose Ends - Love Controversy, Pt.-1 - Please click on the the video to hear the song

    However, many state that Loose Ends greatest moment was with the single that was “Hanging on a String” from the album called “So where are you”…..Their Single called Loose Ends was the 1st ever, from a Uk Soul and Rnb band to top the Usa Rnb Charts.However, Loose Ends do have a competitor. 

    Loose Ends - Hanging on a String - Please click on the the video to hear the song

    Its not all plain sailing with regards to Loose Ends being noted as being the best ever Uk band to make and produce Soul and Rnb music.There was one main competitor towards Loose Ends; and that band was Soul 2 Soul.  Soul 2 Soul was one of the most influential Dance/Rnb bands that heralded from the late 19080’s to the middle 1990’s.

    Their sound that they managed to create, captured and put out to the world was simple but special. It music of theirs was fusion between Rnb music, Reggae music, Hip Hop music and Soul music. The band were led by Jazzy B (Producer, Songwriter and vocalist), Nellie Hooper and Philip Dadee Harvey.


    However, many people around the world only see the band as complete with the vocalist that is Caron Wheeler. I remember buying my first Soul 2 Soul single as a 12inch single and was amazed how funky it sounded at the time. The single was called “Fairplay”.

    I then bought their second single release; which again came out on 12 inch single. The single was called “Keep on Moving” and I was hooked. That bassline, and then the sweetest vocals on top from Caron Wheeler made this single heavenly in my opinion.It was then I decided to make up my mind that I would not be buying any more singles from Soul 2 Soul.

    I would wait for an album release from them. Then I would buy the album.I eventually did do that. However, before the album was released another single which went to number one. It was called “Back 2 life”. What a single that was. Hearing these days it gives me goosepimples on how good it was. It was an Soul/Rnb single but it contained that irresistable Sound system, Bristol/Jamaican basslinefeel to itthat made a firm favourite around the world for the year of 1989.

    It probably the best Soul and Rnb single that as Uk artist/s has ever made. But that is bound to cause friction amoung Uk music lovers. As surprisingly as it seems. The Uk has made some truly classic sounding Rnb and Soul singles over the years.

    SOUL 2 SOUL - BACK 2 LIFE - Please click on the the video to hear the song

    But "Back 2 life" takes some beating as the group that is Soul 2 Soul made headlines all over the world with that single. That was the single that made them international musical superstars for the year of 1989.

    Over within the Usa,  no one could believe that a Soul/Rnb band with a Reggae/Hip Hop tinged sound - such as Soul 2 Soul could have originated from the Uk. Many were left open mouthed when they learned of this knowledge. Many American music fans have told me the first time that they heard of the single was when they heard a small segment of the song via an episode of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" - starring Will Smith. It was after hearing the the song via that show - that they checked their radio stations and eventually there record shops for the single to purchase it.



    Talking and conversing with a number of American Soul and Rnb fans over the years; or other Soul and Rnb fans from around the world it seems clear that they consider Soul 2 Soul and maybe Sade as the best that they have heard musically - on a Soul and Rnb perspective to come from the Uk.

    However, If you were to ask the same question to the peoples of the Uk, the majority of them would say that Loose Ends are the best that has ever come from the Uk with them being a straight out Rnb/Soul bnd.

    Soul 2 Soul released these studio albums:

    1. Club Classic Vol 1 – 1989
    2. Vol 2 – A new decade – 1990
    3. Just Right – 1992
    4. 2 Sides of Soul 2 Soul – 1992
    5. Vol 5 – Believe – 1995
    6. Time 4 change – 1997

    The best ones out of the whole bunch would be

    1 .Club Classic Vol 1 – 1989

    2Vol 2 – A new decade – 1990

    Those were the best albums from Soul 2 Soul that captured the heart and soul in what they will always be remembered for. However, in my opinion their other albums were not a patch on the first two albums that they released. And it was with this deduction that I have decided to say with my opinions in regards to rating Loose Ends as the standards on which a Uk has to be to reach to amaze the world.

    SOUL 2 SOUL - Missing You - Please click on the the video to hear the song

    Yes, these days we have Adele who is flying the flag for the Uk. She has sold even more albums then both Soul 2 Soul and Loose Ends put together. However, have any listen to any Loose Ends album (Apart from the album called The Real Chuckaboo), and you will hear quality  productions that trump over music and  from other Uk giants such as Sade, Soul 2 Soul, Lisa Stansfield, Amy Winehouse and even Soul 2 Soul.

    So getting back to the original question, Who is your fabourite or the better of the two bands.Please let me hear your thoughts.

    Well that all folks for me now anyway.

    Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me here. If you want to discuss anything mentioned here in this article.

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  • Is Rnb music Dead? - If it is can bought back to life again? - 2011

    Is RNB music Dead?


    Hasn't time has flown? Is it now five years ago that the New York, Hip-Hop artist called Nas controversially proclaimed that ‘Hip-Hop was Dead’? Back in 2006,Nas bought forth an album that was titled “Hip-Hop is dead” which generated numerous column inches within many music magazines across the world.

    In a number of Interviews that Nas took part in towards the ending of 2006. Nas mentioned those now famous 3 words.

    In one of the first Interviews that took place with those words being mentioned was with the British Hip-Hop Dj and Radio music presenter called Tim Westwood. Nas explained within that interview that, “Hip-Hop is dead because we as artists no longer have the power”.

    Also within another Interview that he attended, and this time it was with the MTV organistation. The date being 10th October 2006. Nas added here that, “When I say 'hip-hop is dead,' basically America is dead," he clarified. "There is no political voice. Music is dead. B2K is not New Edition. Chris Brown is great, I love Chris Brown, we need that, but Bobby Brown sticks in my heart. Our way of thinking is dead, our commerce is dead. Everything in this society has been done. It's like a slingshot, where you throw the mutha----a back and it starts losing speed and is about to fall down. That's where we are as a country.

    "I don't wanna lose nobody with this, but what I mean by 'hip-hop is dead' is we're at a vulnerable state," he continued. "If we don't change, we gonna disappear like Rome. Let's break it down to a smaller situation. Hip-hop is Rome for the 'hood. I think hip-hop could help rebuild America, once hip-hoppers own hip-hop.... We are our own politicians, our own government, we have something to say. We're warriors. Soldiers."


    nas said that hip hop music was dead in 2006

    Please read the whole interview via going to this website link - MTV Interview with Nas - 10th Oct 2006

    As soon as those interview statements and album title went national within the USA. A number of other Hip-Hop artists had their own views on what Nas had said.

    For instance, Ludricris a multi-million selling, Hip-Hop artist in his own right disagreed with Nas. In fact Ludacris wore a T-shirt that said, "Hip-Hop Ain't Dead, It Lives in the South," while performing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in November 12, 2006 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, Usa.

    Ludricris went on to add, “I don't feel that hip-hop is dead. I feel like the South is keeping it alive. What we do is hip-hop. Some people may not feel that way. You gotta respect some people's opinion, but hey. You gotta stay to your opinion in the game."

    “Ludricris is saying hip-hop is dead is basically "dissin' the South.

    "Because the South is dominating it right now," Cris further explained. "Saying that hip-hop is dead is like saying the South is dead too. They may not like some of the music going on in the South. But everybody in the South is saying, 'We are keeping it alive.'... At the end of the day, hip-hop is what you make it. What we do in the South isn't hip-hop — that's what some people think. We think it is. Some people say it's country-rap tunes. Hip-hop is what you make it."

    Please go to this to read the whole interview and other comments made by other Southern Hip-Hop Artists.

    Please CLICK ON THIS WEBSITE LINK:Ludricris reply - 2006

    However, by mentioning the slogan on his album NAS did have a number of supporters agreeing with him.

    In an article called once again “Is Hip Hop dead” by Walter Dawkins to be found via this website link - Walter Dawkins - Is Hip Hop Dead Article

    The article features Hip Hop music fans of the like of Kevin Powell, former Vibe magazine senior writer and editor of "Who Shot Ya? Three Decades of Hip-Hop Photography saying, "If you were a young black male growing up then, you could aspire to be Chuck D, or Big Daddy Kane, or Too Short, or Doug E. Fresh. You had choices. That doesn't exist anymore."

    Now whoever you think is right or wrong from above. Please fast forward to the present day (2011) and the some of the same statements and observations mentioned above can arguably be applied to modern day, so called Soul versions of modern day R&B music too. Today’s music industry has found a formular which sees it increasingly pumping out a new hybrid of music which takes in Electronica/Pop/Dance/Rnb fusion. This seems to favour the Pop market, which means the future (or lack thereof) of R&B music as we’ve known seems under pressure.

    R&B music in its truest form arrived in the late 1940’s. The music saw its journey to mainstream really pick up in the middle to late 1960’s with the Motown, Staxx and Brunswick record labels.

    However when the decade of 1970’s had reached us the music exploded even further with successful R&B/Soul acts such as Stevie Wonder, Stylistics, Chilites, Delfonics, Minnie Riperton, Isley Brothers, The Jacksons, Barry White, Teddy Pendergrass and others opening the door fully wide open for everyone. However through the likes of Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Sade, Atlantic Star, Cameo, Change continued the trend in the 1980’s


    luther vandross 2015

    In the 1990’s the trend continued which showed no signs of stopping. The massive boom and popularity of the music made this period of RNB reach its altimate zinth peak; which saw it dominating the USA AND UK Pop charts. But then again this all depends on what decade of music that you enjoyed the most for Rnb music in regards to what you consider its best period.

    The names and acts that comes to mind from that period are Lauryn Hill, TLC, Mary J. Bilge, Boyz II Men, R Kelly, Jodeci, SWV and Toni Braxton, to name but a few, who speak volumes.

    Sounds, very impressive doesn’t it? No needs to panic you are wondering? So whats the fuss then? Well, there is some fuss about it. Despite the dizzy heights from what ever decade that you enjoyed the most musically. The music of R&B today no longer occupies its once-pole position in the charts.

    If you want evidence, then look no further than the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Charts (USA), where songs topping the chart often struggle to make any impact on the all-inclusive Billboard Hot 100 (USA).

    The question is - If the format is truly in decline, then what has happened to the Soulful modern day version of R&B music that it has come to this?

    On the surface the fusing of modern day R&B with other genres such as Pop and Dance/Electronica has been seen as a positive thing in regards to Pop music. Yet,the Soulful side R&B and Urban music in general (*amongst it fans anyway), seem not to have benefited at all.

    For, while both the Pop and Dance genres have benefitted largely from this fusion with modern day R&B music, they have also managed to remain successful genres in their own right. However, modern day, Soulful R&B music, unfortunately, has not. In today’s world for new or established acts to release ‘pure R&B’ and anticipate any chart success seems like a long gone dream.

    Yes, there are exceptions such as Modern Day R&B legends such as Usher, Maxwell and Sade, whom all three have enjoyed, critical and commercial success, in releasing music with their trademark (R&B) sound. However, there could be more leniency given to the fact that the hype surrounding their comebacks allowed them to achieve these high sales figures.

    RNB music gradual move to a more Pop-dominated sound seems to have backfired. What used to be seen as a quality-rich type of music seems to have been replaced with what has caused other forms music in the past (*in the public eyes) to not be taken seriously – the idea of image over substance.

    No longer are the vocals of these Pop/Electronic/Rnb fused artists inspiring future generations to the priority of labels. Instead, we now have models posing as singers topping the charts.

    Even giants within the music of modern day Rnb music such as Beyonce, whose first album was just an all out R&B affair, has moved further away from the traditional R&B sound; and taking in this Pop/Electronica sound as her now staple sound. Even guiltier of this then Beyonce is the modern day so called R&B superstar that is Rhianna.

    riri rihanna2015


    She who seems to have embraced this sound all the way and with no end in stopping.

    The idea of modern day and soulful side of R&B music being dead may be a bit alarmist. However, it is not all doom and gloom. As always its normally the underground where the knight in shining armour comes to rescue for the music. Some unheard of and new soulful/rnb musical knight has in the past, but has is it different this time? Has he or she left it too late?What do you think? Please give me your thoughts.

    Since this article has been written. We have since produced another one. Please click on this link & have a read of the follow up  - Click on this link - Rnb music is fighting back - 2014

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