Culture Club at the Races?? We mean Newmarket Races within Newmarket, England.

Culture Club Poster for the Band appearing at Newmarket Races on the 21st July 2017

For the most loyal and devoted  Culture Club fan/s this will be seen as old news. So forgive us mere mortals for mentioning this. However its exclusive news for the rest of us around the world.

Here it is - Culture Club will be performing at three racecourses here in the Uk this July,2017

(21st July, 2017 to be precise)  for a summer trio of outdoor shows. The Jockey Club Live presents chart-topping 80s band Culture Club at Newmarket Racecourse on July 21.

In a UK exclusive, Boy George, Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon Moss will be performing at three racecourses this July for a summer trio of outdoor shows.

The Culture Club Poster made in 2016

Boy George & the original Culture Club line up will be gracing the Newmarket Nights stage on 21 July 2017Newmarket is often considered as the Home of Racing.

But since 2014, the Jockey club in which the Newmarket venue is apart of they have been promoting as well as a Music venue.

The Jockey Club Live is an innovative and exciting event entertainment promoter specialising in combining live music and racing.

Since The Jockey Club Live launched in 2014 it has promoted over 80 concerts with a combined attendance of over 400,000, and was revealed by Music Week as the UK’s 6th largest music promoter.

The Jockey Club is the UK’s leading collection of majotr racecourses including Aintree, Cheltenham and the famous Newmarket venue,

The Jockey Club is dedicated to delivering memorable experiences which is not just geared towards Horseracing. 

Even though it does play host to some of the best events in the world for Horse racing at events like The Crabbie’s Grand National and The Investec Derby Festival.

The Jockey Club is well rehearsed in delivering world class entertainment. 

 Each racecourse has a unique and special setting, providing a truly unique experience of racing and music.

The Jockey Club Live's vision is to bring the biggest names in pop music to racing events across the country; giving consumers an exceptional experience of live music and racing.

Current and past headline performances include Kylie, Jess Glynne, Little Mix, Bryan Adams, Sir Tom Jones, Kaiser Chiefs, The Corrs and Busted.

My biggest wish would be if they could get to appear with them - Helen Terry. She for my opinion was just as important to the "Culture Club" Sound as the rest of the band.

What a vocalist she is/was.

As for any new material from the band. We were supposed to hear of the new album called "Tribes" - which would feature new tracks as weel as unreleased tracks.

The band has been working on the album for three years but still remains unreleased without an expected release date. Mikey, Roy and Jon claim that Boy George is in control and the album will be released "when he is ready".

In April 2017, a petition called "The Release of Tribes" was set up for fans to sign in order for a quicker album release (if it is released at all) 50,000 fans are encouraged to sign.

Here is just one coment from a fan of the band - pleading for them to release the album in 2017 via leaving comments on this website.

Here is the note that was left on this website . Please read the notes below.

"Please release TRIBES in 2017... I've been waiting for new material since the fantastic DONT MIND IF I DO.

We are lucky to have George, Roy, Mikey, and Jon alive and well (and kicking) so why not share your new album with your fans? seems logical to me." - Brian M, Birmingham  (USA) 

If you want more news on Culture Club.  

Then please have a look at this latest interview (via YOU TUBE - below) which took place on the 21st April, 2017 in Australia

 Boy George seems talking about doing a Solo album or some thing like that it appears with other things via the You Tube video men tioned above,

Will you be going to the Newmarket event as mentioned within this report to see Culture Club ? 

Have you already got your ticket to one of the shows?

Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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