Lord of the Dance?

One of the greatest ever Club Djs in History. Larry Levan, New  York, Usa

If a Dj reaches the top of this profession. He can date a supermodel. He can become a millionaire.

He will visit and play at some of the most astonishing events and stadiums on the planet; and reach them via private jet, or by helicopter.

And yet most Dj’s would do this for free; or at least for a nominal fee if only they just can get a venue to play at.

You don’t believe me? Well check out the hundreds of thousands of people around the world that are employed within the nightclub and night venues environment. Even more then that the millions of clubbers and ravers whom will pay accordingly just to see and hear these same Dj’s performing at the top of their abilities will also add weight to the argument.

Clubbers or Ravers appreciating a Dj set.

But you may heard of these statements before in your life time wherever you are in the world?

And to be honest this is just one of the reasons why I have decided to write an article like this for you.Have a read of the statements below which just gets my blood temperture rising.

“Anybody can be a Dj? You’re playing other people’s music for godsake.

One record after the another. You’re not actually making the music yourself”

Have you heard of these statement/s or similar statements mentioned above before?

But Is it really easy to become a Dj? What is it that a Dj’s does?

A very simple synopsis of what a Dj is that he is both a Presenter and a Promoter at the same time. Presenting a series of records in order for an audience, for their pleasure. He is also at the same time promoting records for us to buy. That’s one simple explanation.

Well breaking it down even further that’s closer to what todays modern Radio Djs does. Isn’t it?

Well let’s break it down. A modern day Radio station Dj plays a series of records to the general public for their pleasure. But in-between the playing of the records, they will also introducing the records that they are to play with either witty or educational chat of the record that they are about to play.

However the Club Djs has lost that art, or being more honestly about it. Abandoned it more to the point. And by doing so they have made the art form of Djing much more creative.

The practice of Introducing records to the public was abandoned by Club styled Djs, whereas as the act of using records as a “Performance” of Djing has now taken credence instead.

Club Djs use records to bring an audience up to the highest heights, and then use certain records in  taking down the same audience reminds me of an enjoyable roller coaster ride. Most club Dj calls this journey or performance a “Dj Set”. 

Some Djs have stated that they are using certain records within a “Dj set” to bring a audience to such a captive high, and then almost immediately taking them down again with other records within the “Dj Set” is what they are trying to achieve.

Club Djs often consider this as them resembling a great Rock/Blues guitarist, who is constructing a mammoth lead solo to a captive audience. Some of the notes played within this Solo can bring the audience to ecstasy; some of the notes being selected can bring back to reality.

Eddie Van Halen. One of the Worlds great Rock guitarist. Putting together another great Rock/blues guitar solo.

In fact many Club Dj’s believe that this musical synopsis which Dj’s are using records when creating their “DJ sets” is similar to a musician using musical notes to create a piece of music.

A club Dj job is quite daunting really.

Their job is the playing of a series of records in the hope of creating a joyous, meaningful performance to the audience takes some doing.

For instance club Djs will have know their records that they have collected over the years. Inside and out in. You will also need to know when, or in what order you are going to play these records; even have a sixth sense on what records will sound great on the dance floor and to keep your audience there.

 As a Dj you will need to have a good understating of the turntables, speakers, mixers, amplifiers and any other equipment which you are in control of. That goes without saying.

Also to become a good Dj. You need to be obsessive about collecting records. This could be to such an extent that you can’t go by a 2nd hand charity store that you know that has got vinyl within there.

But you just have go through the countless, movie themed soundtrack albums and others that are stacked there; on the hope that you might just to come across just one “Rare” and yet “Danceable” record.

"Another sign of a good dj is one that is always looking up and trying to read the audience which he is playing for. A bad one is one, is one that is often found looking down at his Dj equipment, controls and equipment most of the time in order to achieve the prefect beat or the prefect mix" - Norman Cook (AKA FAT BOY SLIM - from the book called - "Last Night a Dj saved my Life" - 2001)

Another factor to throw into the mix is for the Dj is:

“Is the Dj up for it tonight? He doesn't seem to be moving the crowd at the moment".

“He dropped a particular record at least two records before. And no one moved a muscle. Can he play a similar style of record right now, as the crowd do seem more free, loose, more jovial now”.

These are just a certain amount of thoughts that Djs have to also consider when constructing Dj sets.

Another way of looking at Club Djs is with this thinking.

Modern day Dj acts as a filterers.

 Yes Filters ….

Put it this way there is so much music released each day within the world. The Dj takes this worry out of our hands.

Our modern day favourite Djs listens to a huge number of track/s that would see us, quite honesty, binning these tracks within the first 30 seconds of listening.

This same thinking is applied with Djs. This is a plus for us.Club or Radio Djs will only play tracks that are popular, or good. So we do not have to filter out rubbish ourselves.

Djs or Music vinyl buyers searching for their music

We as music lovers are buying fewer and fewer music singles and albums ourselves as against previous generations (Not unless you are a music fanatic or a Dj yourself.

We are more than ever, are allowing our favourite Djs in general; and various streaming services to find quality music’s for us. These same Djs and various music steaming services are now creating Dj Mix tapes and album themselves for us to buy because of it.

Music critics or music historians over the years have largely ignored the Dj. Almost any historical music change has involved his input.

The Dj has been allowed to reach this influential input due to the fact that he is not subservient to the music industry. His freelance, freedom status has allowed him for the general public to experience new musical sounds that the music industry would not allowed to hear and happen as quickly.

The Djs influence has not always resulted in him, or her having an easy life. Far from it. It has meant occasionally he, or she has come into conflict with music authorities; even governments.

With this in mind, the thinking of Music authorities, or even Governments has now tended to try work with Dj’s; and their innovations that they bring to the industry overall. Instead of working against them. It does seem to work if they do.

This comes to mind more so within the Uk Radio scene/culture during the 1960’s and beyond. The BBC organisation over the years has drawn much of its Dj talent from the hugely influential Pirate Radio scene makeup here.

With the rise of the super club, and super events that have risen around the world. The music industry are now allowing these Super star Dj’s to have the same benefits as Rock, HipHop or Rnb music stars.Don't take my word for it.

Have a listen to Dj Jazzy Jeff, and his thoughts on the matter below.

From the Dj origins to the now. The Dj has always been the person who will always takes risks,and will always be looking to take the music that we love even further.

So when you hear these types of comments again.

“Anybody can be a Dj? You’re playing other people’s music for godsake.

One record after the another. You’re not actually making the music yourself”.

Refer them back to this article so that they can look at the Dj via another perspective.

Well thats all folks for me now anyway.

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