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Regardless of what a random onlooker may think, there are numerous soul singers working in Britain today although they occupy a significantly small space within the mainstream music industry, either signing with independent labels or paying their bills through jobs in education or theatre.  Amongst the most talented current-day soul singers in the UK are the names of Noel McKoy, Alison Evelyn, Don-E,Caron Wheeler, Carleen Anderson and Omar. All of the aforementioned have either starred in musicals or worked in classrooms in the past but have continued making music, fighting to secure a spot in the highly competitive industry.

While it may be true that soul artists are at a disadvantage when it comes to mainstream media attention and public recognition, all hope is not lost. Self-promotion is a powerful tool that is available to everyone and limited only by your willingness to embrace the various tools available. In our modern times, online musical promotion is pivotal as technology has made the world smaller, enabling musicians to reach their fans at the touch of a button. Explore the online marketing tools to promote your music and opt for those that will suit your personal needs best.

Top 2 music websites

The internet provides countless musicians with opportunities to showcase their talent. With so many options available it is important to familiarise yourself with all the options in an attempt to eliminate confusion and make the best possible decisions.


Spotify is a media-streaming website that also includes video and podcasts apart from music. The site features music by up-and-coming artists as well as those signed by major record labels that can be played online or downloaded for later listening.  One of the biggest draw-cards of Spotify is its ability to support multiple content playlists which serves as an effective way for an artist to organise his tracks.  In terms of promotion, Spotify offers a variety of advertising formats which include sponsored sessions, display ads and overlays.  By connecting with other artists through Spotify you can significantly boost your reach, a very important marketing goal for any artist.


The best music websites are often those who provide you with more than a place to share your music, often providing you with other services that can help you build a career. Reverbnation is one such site that offers a well-rounded marketing package to artists. The site boasts multiple tools that can be used for promotions such as electronic press kits, social media tools and artist profiles. The site also offers an expansive advertising network that you can tap into which is extremely useful if you are an artist with limited finances.


By joining the above and other music websites and making full use of their features you can make huge strides in turning your passion for music into a successful career. Explore the internet, do your research and speak to other musicians to find the online marketing platforms that best work for you.

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