Get on up.Yeap, the new James Brown Movie is here at last - 2014

 Soul Brother Number 1 - The one and only James Brown

If you heard these lines before - "The hardest working man in show business", "Soul Brother number one" or "Mr Please, Please, Please himself"  then you will immediately think of Mr.James Brown. One of the greatest entertainers within Modern day music.

With more than over 800 songs in his repetriore when he was alive. James Brown influenced an entire generation and more when he was in full flight. In fact he influenced every contemporary artist from every gender possible. Be it Jazz, Rock Soul and Rn'b and by doing so refine those music's even further.

However, his influence within HipHop can not be understated. In fact the Industry of Hip Hop should get down on bended knee and say thanks to the man who helped their musical gender expanded more then any HipHop artist at the time.

This influence that I touched on was via his music. In other words HipHop artists were sampling his musics; and in may cases not even getting any royalties for the fact. In fact so much of his music was being sampled he is now recognised as the most sampled man in modern day music.

Michael Jackson, who is himself called the "King of Pop" called him his inspiration.

It must be said that he would be dogged later in life by legal troubles and personal issues. However he was known to have a good heart, but he was always looking to do things his way. Come what may.

He wasn't  only able to make great records, he was also truly great entertainer. And he could dance. Boy could he dance. Seeing him live must have been electric in his heyday.

Now we all have a chance to see a film about the master. See what made him tick. And here on the Electric Soul Show you can see the full 3 minute Movie Trailer of the man himself - Mr.James Brown.

Please click on the You Tube Link shown here on this page.

The actor that will be playing James Brown is 42 year old, Chadwisk Boseman, and the film is to be "Get on up". Named after just one of the monster tunes that James Brown brought out when he was alive.

The film is to be directed by by Tate Taylor who is responsible for the impactful movie called The Help.
The films highlights and reenactment of the soul/funk singer early life times right through to his time in jail and then onto the big time.

Acting along side Chadwick Boseman (James Brown) will be Tika Sumpter, Jill Scott, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Lennie James (Walking Dead), and Dan Aykroyd.

Another surprise for you here is that Mick Jagger (Yes him of the Rolling Stones) will be co-producing this film.
The trailer does look good I must admit. I will be going to see it. Lets hope it is as good as the film called "RAY" - which gave us the life and times of another superstar that is Ray Charles.

However, just to fill you in before the film reaches you. You can find out all you know about James Brown by watching this Hour length video of the man. You will fill in all the blanks that you didn't know about the man by watching this. It is a must see, as will be the film coming out in August 2014 as mentioned above.

Now get up outta that thing, and press the start button of the the video above and the one directly below.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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