Brazil is in the House - In Fact its everything you could be - 2014

Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 
Brazil is in fact the largest country within South America, and its main language is Portuguese. In fact it is the 5th largest country in the world.  And the 7th largest economic power in the world. Brazil is also world reknown musically that is, for it creation of the music's known as Samba and then later on Bossa Nova
I know what you are gong to ask? So hold on I will try and explain. Samba came first which then inspired the music of Bossa Nova. Both as mentioned before were developed in Brazil.
Samba arose out of the Favelas (English translation of that word is "The Slums"); whereas Bossa Novaarose from the middle to upper class suburbs of Brazil
Samba was created during the 1920's, where as the music of Bossa Novadid not come to fruition until the 1950's.and was influenced heavily by American Jazz.
The differences between Samba and Bossa Nova are that Samba is faster in tempo then Bossa Nova.  However, Bossa Nova is much smoother then Samba.
The second difference is that with Bossa Nova you play the Bossa beat on the rim of the snare drum (Bossa Nova clave), whereas Samba is played on the snare drum itself.
Although they both use the same instruments such as guitar, drums and piano. Samba relies more on the use of drums for the creation of its music's. Whereas the musicians that play Bossa Nova do not need drums to create the music.
Bossa Nova is a little more complex musically and focuses more on melody and harmony; where as Samba is all about the melody and the beat. 
 As I have noted above about my renewed interest within Brazilian music of late was because the huge amount of TV programs I had seen documenting Brazil.  I decided to listen to a few Brazilian albums that I have in my record collection as a result.
I haven't that many I have to say, but the ones that I do have I do treasure.
milton nascimento and l borges Clube da Esquina from 1972
The one that I am going to talk about on this occasion is this one. Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - Clube Da Esquina. However it is the opening single of the album that I am going to be discussing with you which is called "Tudo o que você podia ser" - 1972 - (The English Translation for the title of the song is this - "Everything you could be")
Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - "Tudo o que você podia ser" - 1972
The single from this album is truly beautiful and yet haunting, and which falls into a more Bossa Nova centric music field, with a modern twist.The single called "Tudo o que você podia ser" is the opening cut from the album. And what a track it is. It starts of in slow tempo, together with a Rhythm guitar playing gently in the background. Then Milton's voice appears. It surprises you a bit as it falsetto. You're not really expecting it to be so high so soon. But it's great. Eventually all the other instruments join the party, and make your ears want to hear more.
Milton Nascimento
Milton is singing within the language of Portuguese, which certain words and phrasing within this language music makes the single sound even more beautiful. 
If this track were to be sung in English it just wouldn't have the same affect. It just wouldn't. The organ work, the guitar and the percussion sounds are just marvellously added at the right time and place within the single. 
We need to give credit to the whole band here as the tempo has increased skilfully by the time that the single reaches its midway point. To be fair it now sounds as if it is now a dance number.
 The vocal skills from Milton at this point of the record are just wonderful and enhance the single even further as the song reaches its end. The last 30 seconds of the records are my favourite part of the record as his voice sounds so heavenly. Even better then at the start of the record.
If you are not feeling this record after hearing it from just one play; please, please play it again straight away. And then by the second time on hearing it, the track would have entered your consciences. It's that good.
Lo Borges 
Many people within Brazil have stated that this album, let alone the single are probably one of the most important albums ever to come from Brazil.
Music critics in Brazil go one step further. A many state that what the "White album" from the Beatles meant to American Rock music, Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - Clube Da Esquina had the same effect to Brazil music/World Music full stop. It was that ground changing.
Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges
If you have never ever given Brazilian music a thought in the past. Here is a great introduction into the music and the culture of post Bosso Nova music.
2 years ago (2012) the album reached its 40th anniversary. It's a shame that the music industry didn't make more noise about at the time.
Well that all folks for now anyway.
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