Michael Jackson new album out in May 2014. Its official - 2014

News of Michael Jacksons new and pending album out in 13th May. 2014

Yes its finally official, Michael Jackson is coming out with a new album on this date - 13th May 2014.Even the title of this pending album has been given to us as well.  The title of this pending album by Michael Jackson is to be called "XSCAPE"

This title was chosen by the head of Epic records himself that is MR.L.A. Reid. After scanning and going through Michael's, previously unheard of and unreleased tracks. 8 of these of these are to be used on the XSCAPE album.

Also what was noted and thrown out to us by this official announcement of this pending new album release. Is this. The "Deluxe version" of this album will feature all of the original material of these tracks in their purest form that feature Michael Jackson's vocals.

This Deluxe version as well as the Normal version of the album will be made available to the general public as an online pre-order service on the 1st April 2014 via ITunes - ITunes and Micheal Jackson

This album release continues a fashion of Michael's fascination with one word titles of his albums. We've had Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, and Invincible and now we have Xscape.

Mr. Reid is also responsible for the gathering together of these particular producers to make the album come to fruition. The producers are Timberland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate and John McClain.

LA Reid also add this "Modern music and artistry would look and sound completely different if not for the groundbreaking contributions Michael Jackson gifted to the world,” remarked L.A. Reid. “Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with. We are extremely proud and honoured to present this music to the world.”

Official News about the new Michael Jackson album

As I have mentioned before hand via this article -  Michael Jackson is in the News again  - When Michael Jackson brings out a new album to the world, the whole world stands still for a little while. He was/and is industry standard on how to promote or vibe an album to the world. Already news of this album has already spread world wide via countless of languages.

I just hope that the producer or musicians behind Michaels 13th Studio album head for a more Soulful, funky and R&B approach to this latest album release. For me Michael is at his best when he is was singing. Fans and critics alike got side tracked by his dancing, but his singing wasn't taken as highly. I really did think that his singing was exceptional at times especially when performing Ballads. But such was his versatility that his vocals did sound great via the Pop/Rock tracks that he did.  Tracks that come to mind are for instance "State of Shock" and "Beat it".

In my opinion if the album of "XSCAPE" was to head down the line musically following Rnb, Soul and Funk then we would really see something. We all secretly wish for another Of the Wall album.

In my opinion THE BEST Solo album that Michael Jackson ever released - Off the Wall in 1979

For me and other fans of music we all appreciated how great that album was. In fact many of us that appreciate Michael Jackson's work. And many have openly stated that, this solo album which is/was "Off the Wall" was the best Solo album that Michael ever made. Yes in my opinion even better then the ground breaking "Thriller" album.

I personally would have like to heard that Q-TIP, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Leslie and Pete Rock were to be the chosen producers behind the creation of this pending album that is "XSCAPE". That is just my preference. I get the feeling that your choice of producers would be altogether being different. Am I right?

My selection is based on their abilities to be able to create great beats, music and songs for Michael to work on. All of them have been praised by fans and music critic alike over the years for constantly coming up with the goods. And introducing us to great music's and sounds for us all.

Another bonus is that all of them personally liked Michael Jackson and would have put in that extra, extra effort in making the album sound as if it was all and all Michael Jackson album.

Let us not forget that Sony Records have struck a deal with the Estate of Michael Jackson.This is to release 10 albums within 7 x yearsPlease click on this link to read more about the SONY MUSIC DEAL

Maybe in one of those albums we might see an "Off the wall" style album being present to us.     

But let's wait and see. We'll have to wait until the 13th May 2014, and then we can judge.

 Well that all folks for now anyway.

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