Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum - What a tune

I was checking my music boxes that I have stored in my loft. I have decided to look through the various music vinyl tracks and I came across artists from the country of Brazil. It was via this thought process that I came across an album that stopped me in my "tracks" so to speak as I flicking through them.

The album was/is called "Feminina" by  the artist called Joyce released in 1980.

"Feminina" by Joyce released in 1980

As soon as I had that album in my hands I turned the album over to look for the track called "Aldeia De Ogum".

What a track it was when it was released! It has always been my favourite. At the time everyone was going crazy for it when they first heard it as well, or if you were into the same type of music that I was at the time.  

England at the time was going through a musical love affair with the music known as Jazz/Funk and Jazz Fusion as well with other musical styles.

The music of Jazz/Funk or Jazz Fusion was dominating the dance floors of England at the time; and it was finding play on most of the

Underground pirate radio stations as well.

The music that was being featured and was being bought heavily from the Uk music loving fans were from Usa Jazz/Funk artists such as Roy Ayers, Grover Washington Junior, George Benson, Herbie Hancock and Earth, Wind and Fire, etc etc.

Also due to specialist Radio shows hosted by Dj personalities such as Robbie Vincent.

We were also being pointed over to look at the growing Japanese Jazz Funk musical artists that were also making excellent material for us to purchase and obtain as well.

However, the country of Brazil entered the fray with these artists - Azimuth, Tania Maria and this artist Joyce.

Myself and the whole wide world will always know her as Joyce. However these days she goes by the name that is Joyce Morceno.

In her musical life time Joyce, has written over 400 songs since she decided that a music career was for her.

Joyce singing and playing the Guitar 2011

Starting her career within the year 1968, Joyce has written and helped to produce over 40 Albums so far; and it seems she is not slowing down.

If you have ever seen Joyce live on stage you will either see clutching a Microphone and singing into it. Or playing her own Guitar. Or better still singing and playing at the same time to a particular song.

Nominated for 4 Latin Grammy awards already within her career, and achieving a Brazilian life time achievement award as well.  She is thought of fondly in Brazil.

However, lets back to the single that stopped me in my tracks as mentioned previously. The single once again is called "Aldeia De Ogum" - released in 1980.

And I have to say what a fantastic single it is. It is a Jazz Track and yet it is full of Brazilian musical influences.

Those influences are Samba music; and a modern form of it at the time when this record was made as well.

However, from the same album that is "Feminina" the single called "Clareana" was the first big hit from the album; and was well received within Brazil at the time.

The single that is "Clareana" was originally composed as a lullaby for her two young children that she and her Husband were bringing up at the time.

However, the next big hit from the album was "Aldeia De Ogum" and still stands the test of time.

It states softly with the percussion instruments coming to the fore first, then the Rhythm guitar enter the fray; then the drums and then we are greeted with Joyce's voice.

Sung in her native Portuguese language it makes the single sound even better in my opinion.

For me it's when you hear the Rhythm guitar for the 1st time within the song that just makes you melt. Those very first guitar riffs and the Joyce voice that you hear then you know that it is going to be a great, great single.

Please Listen to the single yourself and see if it has the same effect on you that it did all those years ago when I first heard it, early in 1980.

Where ever you are in the world when the song gets up and running you feel by listening to it that you in the middle of summer.

It is such a summer tune that you could be in the middle of winter and yet still feel that you are in the middle of summer.This song has that effect.

Joyce is now in her mid 60's; however she is still contemplating taking on an extensive 2015 European tour.

I have mentioned above earlier within this article that she has written already over 400 songs so far. But for me "Aldeia De Ogum" will always, always be the best song Joyce ever composed.

And another thing I will still always be calling her "Joyce". I still can't get used to calling her Joyce Morceno. She will always, always be known as Joyce to me.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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