Jimi Hendrick is back all of you. And its a new movie coming your way in 2014.


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Well, we are all for a treat. Movie Wise, that is. I have been slow on the uptake on this to be honest. But it better to be late then never as they say.

The film in question when it gets released will star Andre 300 (Andre Benjamin), who is the other member of the super group (HipHop group) that is known as OUTKAST, has been choosen to play the lead actor in the fim devoted to the life and times of Jimi Hendrick. Jimmi is still revered as "THE" Guitar God even upto today.


The Famous white guitar of Jimi Hendricks


The long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic  that is to be called - Jimi: All Is By My Side will first be seen at this event - (Toronto International Film Festival - Premiere -7th September 2014),.

However, it has already been seen via being viewed at the South by Southwest (SXSW)Music festival on the 12th March, 2014 - Austin, Texas,Usa to fairly good reviews.

The Film also features these actors and actresses - Imogen Poots, Hayley Atwell, Ruth Negga and Adrian Lester  that are featured within this the biopic film.The film was written and directed by John Ridley (American Writer and Director), which tells of the life, times and the recordings of Jimmi Hendrix's debut album "Are You Experienced".

The film also delves in the Rock AND Blues legend life before he made it big. And I mean real big.


In fact the stry tells us about Hendricks, the struggling musician trying to pay the bills on the R&B circuit. Until one day,

he was spotted by Linda Keith - who was the then girlfriend of Keith Richards, who met Jimi at the Cheetah Club in New York, Usa.

 Linda via the contacts that she had/ andknew put Hendrix in touch with the right people. From then on he was quickly on his way to super stardom.

The film has not come with its problems however. For instance The Jimi Hendrix estate - aka, Experience Hendrix LLC  (*which is run by his family) have not given their blessing for this film.  The Jimi Hendrix estate - did not give the permission of any of songs written and produced by the man himself to be used in the film.So you will not be hearing any Jimmi Hendrick compositions within the film.


Apparently us here in the Uk will not be able to see this film until the release date that is planned for us which is the 8th August 2014.

The Jimi Hendricks - All by my side trailer - Please click the You Tube video below to see it.


Some people who have been lucky to see the film already ( via private premier), are already giving differing views to the movie. Some talk of it being Racial garbage, others state that it is accurately correct. Please click on the link below to read various views about the pending film that we will get to see soon


 IMDB - Reviews, Ratings and Comments about - Jimi Hendricks - All by my side


The Director - John Ridley (adds his pennies worth here by saying ) to, "I got a musician who can act and an actor who could play. Andre is just a unique talent, and part of that talent that you see also came from a lot of hard work.

The first time I met him, he had a curiosity about the world that was equal to what I believe Jimi's curiosity about music

and the world was at that time in his life".


Want to read more about the film? Just click on link below:

 3Newz - Article about Jimi Hendricks - All by my side movie - 2014


Please click on this YOU TUBE VIDEO below where you can hear and watch this interesting debate about Jimi Hendricks (Seattle, Usa) and Eric Clapton (London, England).


Here is another question for you all out there. Who were more influencial musicially when they were at the peak of their musical prowess? The Beatles or Jimi Hendricks? Without question Jimi Hendrick helped to change popular music within the 1960's. He is as important to the music industry during the 1960's as the Beatles were. If Englands boast is that they had the ground breaking group that were the Beatles. The Usa can quickly retort that we had Jimi Hendrick..But who in your opinion stands out...?? Please reply using the e-mail address below.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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