One of the most Iconic bans from the 1980 are back - We are talking about Culture Club 

Good news for all Culture club fans. The band have rescheduling new Tour dates for North America Leg of their comeback tour.

Culture club created a major stir in 2014 as they announced that that were finally going to do a UK tour, and then after that a North American tour.

During 2014, the band had reformed and announced that a new tour and a new album would be forth coming. Please click on this link which I myself wrote a piece on about the very same subject.

Please click on this link to read it - Its a Miracle - Culture Club are back - 2014

A new picture of the four members was also posted on the band's official website, along with the list of the 11 UK concert dates. Alison Moyet was to have been a special guest on the concerts. Instead of Helen Terry (Vocalist).

Culture Club and Helen Terry - "Black Money" - (Live Performance!)

I personally wish that Helen Terry (Vocalist) was part of this come back tour, She added very much so to the magic to the Culture Club sound. For me Helen Terry - was the "5th member" of Culture club. Just as George Martin was to the The Beatles

Culture club and Helen Terry - Church of the Posion Mind

Culture Club then travelled to Spain for a two week recording session.; and within that session 18 new tracks were completed for a new album which is produced by Youth (who has previously worked with Paul McCartney, The Verve, and Embrace among others).

The new album, is to be called Tribes, and was scheduled for release in early 2015 on the band's own label called Different Man Music (via Kobalt Label Services).

In mid-November 2014, two days before the start of their 21-date US and UK tour, Culture Club announced they had to cancel the tour due to Boy George suffering from a serious throat condition.

The cancelled tour would have represented the full original line-up's first tour in 12 years. As of March 2015, the tour has yet to be rescheduled and the new album has been put on hold. That is what were told to believe.

A television documentary, Boy George and Culture Club: Karma to Calamity, was aired on BBC Four on 6 March 2015. The programme documented the band's reunion in 2014 and the making of their new album in Spain, up to the announcement to cancel the tour. Please click on the You tube video to see they got on to bring this tour to life an the new album.

Boy George and Culture Club: Karma to Calamity - 2014 - BBC Four on 6 March 2015

The documentary You tube video above goes to show their UK successes, as well as their successes within the USA. Notching up ten top 40 hits alone in that country alone! Culture club were part of Band Aid which helped cemented them as stalwarts of the 1980s. This band helped to break down barriers on how people looked and their sexuality.

However, they are a band with a past as colourful as their music. George had a secret affair with his drummer Jon Moss and when they split, the band fell apart and George descended into heroin addiction. Over the years there have been numerous failed attempts to reunite the band. But none has worked.

Hopwever , in 2014 Culture Club decided to come back together again to record a new album and embark on a UK and US tour at the same time.

Director Mike Nicholls had unique access in following the band as they first meet in George's London home to write new material for the new album. But not everything went according to plan as creative differences and tensions from their past begin to emerge. Further problems developed when the band travel to Spain to record the new album, spending two weeks working and living together in a remote recording studio.

As the band return to London to prepare for the tour, they suffer a Twitter mauling after their first big public performance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Relations were even more strained when George and the band sign to separate managers and a sudden illness threatens the whole reunion.

The film looks at the band's troubled past, examining the themes of success, fame and ego, and reveals the personalities behind one of the most iconic bands of the 1980's.

 However, there is better news for all Culture Club fans in the long run.

Checking the Official website of Culture club  - you can clearly see the dates that have put out for their rescheduled 2016 Usa/World tour.

Exciting times indeed, for fans of Culture club.

When Culture Club first appeared on the world stage they were known as one of the bands that was involved within the Second British Invasion of the Usa.

The term Second British Invasion refers to music acts from the United Kingdom that became popular in the United States from the summer of 1982 into the autumn of 1986. The groups dominated the Usa pop music chart of that time were The Human League, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Billy Idol, Wham, Eurythmics, Simple Minds, ABC, Tears for Fears and Phil Collins.

For instance such was the Second British Invasion influence on the Usa pop music charts at that period of time; also influenced the Major T.V shows of the 1980’s within the Usa as well. Some T.V critics go as far and state that the TV series of the 1980 - Miami Vice – was heavily influenced by this music scene.

During the episode known as "Brother's Keeper" (Miami Vice), we witnessed the song called “On the Air tonight by Phil Collins (England)” being featured within the pilot episode of the first season of Miami Vice.

Within that episode which premiered on 16th September, 1984 we witnessed a two-hour show (including commercials) the season premiere. This particular episode was well received winning two out of three Emmy awards for which it was nominated for.

Please click the You tube video below to see this classic TV Moment - which resemble MUSIC VIDEO rather then a TV SHOW

"Brother's Keeper" (Miami Vice) - 16th September, 1984

Other songs used within that ground breaking pilot show (Miami Vice) was:

  • "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones
  • "Body Talk" by The Deele
  • "All Night Long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie (Sung by a band)
  • "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
  • "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins

Boy George has himself has been the headlines recently. He appeared on American Idol XIV" 2015’s episode titled “Top 9 Perform: 80s Night” aired on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 8/7c on the Fox TV Network.

The remaining finalists performed as a group with British singer-songwriter Boy George who was a member of the band Culture Club. They sang "Karma Chameleon," Culture Club’s hit song from the 80s.

The Top 9 that performed with Boy George were: Daniel Seavey, Quentin Alexander, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Jax, Nick Fradinani, Clark Beckham, Qaasim Middleton and Rayvon Owen

Boy George - American Idol XIV" 2015’s episode titled “Top 9 Perform: 80s Night” - 2015

Culture club are one of the most Iconic bans of the 1980's The band are known all over the world - literally. It will be interesting to see - what they come up with the new album; and the tour. We all wait with baited breath!

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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