Queen of HipHop Soul still - The one and only Mary J Blige - Is coming to London soon in 2015!


Its seems a if we are in for a treat here within the Uk as the Summer rolls on over here. News is just in about the HipHop/Soul queen that is Mary J Blige, who is to about to hit London, England soon with a surprise one off event within the city.

The date that has been announced to us is the 24th June, 2015. The event will she her performing tracks of her latest album which is called the "London Sessions" (2015) - Music News - 5th June,2015

The event will host an audience of no more then 400 people which is to be situated at One Marylebourne Road, in London.

Mary has indicated that she will include some of her biggest hits within the event as well.

The event which is about 1 month away from her planned inclusion within the Uk Festival known as Glastonbury.

MasterCard Bank Holders have an exclusive chance of attending this event as MasterCard are sponsoring the event. And by doing so they are giving their members a chance to win tickets to this event.

This intimate event known as the MasterCard Priceless surprise campaign - Mastercard Priceless Surprise Campaign - gives lifelong music fans a chance to get closer to their musical or sporting idols; and thus surprise them at the same time.

In the past we have seen artists of he calibre of Justin Timberlake, Usher, Pharell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue and Golf Legend (Arnold Palmer) taking part in this campaign.

Here below Justin Timberlake explains the concept of the campaign further within this You Tube video below. Please click onto it and watch it.


I have also included a You Tube video of Usher going through the same details when he completely surprised a Superfan of hisand gave her the shock of her life. Please look at this You tune video below.

Mary J Blige herself took part earlier this year (2015) within a MasterCard Priceless surprise campaign (February, 2015) for one of her supper fans called - Rana ( From Watford, England). Please watch the video that she gave her own Superfan below.

Mary commented 'I'm a huge fan of London. It's been a big inspiration to my music and it's going to be great to be back in the city where I recorded my last album. The last time I was here I performed for one very surprised fan, so this will be a chance to share an amazing experience with more of my British fans.".

Mary J Blige who has an army of fans across the world.

Well who is your major musical or sporting hero (alive) that you would like to meet? Don't be shy know? Please let us know.Get in touch with us via the website email and tell us.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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