Usher one of the big names in Modern day Rnb Music


Is there something in the London air or  London Water or something recently? Why I hear you all asking (Or some of you?)?

Well I have just learnt that the another American International Rnb star has just now finished a 1 off, secret event within London, England.


This trend seems to have started initially from Michael Jackson, when he annouced his "This is it tour" in 2009. He announced  at the time that he would be doing 50 concert dates within London. And then that would be it. It was fastest selliing tour in History, and broke all records in regards to the attention that it generated around the world.


However, the King of Pop was to die a few months later. Then came the Superstar that is Prince, who within the early months of 2014.

We saw Prince  doing an number of unannouced events within the same city. It caused a small  and minor panic within the city the peoples of London - who eventually found out about this and left work to first see if the rummors were true.


They then queue up outsuide venues such as as the Jazz Cafe for a price to see Prince for no more the £5 or £10 pounds.

Only a few days agao (June, 2015) earlier on this ver y website that it was announced that the Queen Of HipHop Soul - Mary J Blige - will be playing a one of event at Marylebourne Road in London.The venue only holding a mere 400 people.


It has just come to light that Usher  has just finished his lighting One off, intimate gig in London. Performing an Ascoutic set,but still throwing in some of his biggest Hits of his career within this gig.


The hit/s that were included are You Make Me Wanna, OMG, Climax and Good Kisser alongside a live band

The Rnb superstar that is Usher performed this one-off semi-acoustic gig at the renowned London music venue LSO St Luke's. The MasterCard Priceless Gig event, held at the London Symphony Orchestra’s St Luke’s venue which is in the capital.


This gig/event is part of the Master Card Priceless Surprises campaign which is/has including some iconic artists from the world of music  and sport such as Justin Timberlake and Golf Legend Arnold Palmer.


Usher surprised his lifelong fan Claire Spence when he disguised himself as a street-performer on Venice Beach and unveiled himself with a personal performance to her in front of a crowd of onlookers. PLease look You Tube Video below.

Usher commented:


'Performing tonight was a completely unique experience ' from the intimate crowd and acoustic set, to the incredible venue.

It was great to be able to perform a completely different type of concert for my British fans.'


Could it be that Usher might be tempted to actually live in the Uk?


His answer to that was 


"I'd love to live in London, and I’d love my kids to explore the culture, the languages, everything.

I’ve always wanted to do a stint in London".


The singer also let it be known that he will be releasing a new album; and also be involved in a new Movie as well soon.

When asked about whether or not if he had not made it within the music industry what he would have done?


He reply was,


"I think your destiny finds you, no matter what it is, it will find you".


Usher looking cool in those shades


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Fans can enter to win tickets for upcoming exclusive Priceless Gigs taking place this summer with Mary J. Blige,

Paloma Fairth and Kaiser Chiefs at

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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