The great Soul and Rnb artist that is Chaka Khan 

It seems only like yesterday that I heard this; but that was over 30 years ago when I first heard it here within the UK via Radio. And then over seeing the same single being shown to us on the Uk Pop programme at the time that was - Top of the Pops

The single in question is “I feel for you” by Chaka Khan.

The year was 1984, and the craze of Hip-hop music and body popping was firmly taking over youth culture here in the UK.

I managed to pull this single out of one my crates that I had stored away upstairs in the loft for years now. The memories of breakers and poppers try to prefect their skills are conjured up via hearing this song - which in its self still makes me smile.

I remember being told to watch the latest blockbuster Movie at the time which was Flash dance. There was an incredible dance move within the movie that I might want to see; especially if I was into Body Popping.

I went to the movie and witness this within the movie.

(The Rocksteady Crew dance scene within Flashdance (1983)

This is what the single of I feel for you by Chaka Khan brings all of that back - when I hear it all again.

The single that I own is still in good condition. Well done to me for keeping it well over all those years.

The reason why I went and pulled this one out was because yet again. I heard over the Radio when I was cleaning down the house. When I am cleaning I just love to have the radio on. And that is when I will hear these classic tunes from back in the day.

On this occasion this song came on, and the rest is history.

The Song called “I feel for you” was written by the music legend that is Prince. Yes Prince wrote this track first. In fact it appeared on his second album that he released which is called simply “Prince” (1979). The First album that Prince released was called “For” you” (1978)

This single “I feel for you” and “I wanna be your lover” – were supposed to be given to the Soul/Jazz artist that is Patrice Rushen to be used first by her. But neither of them ever appeared on any of her albums.

The Pointer Sisters then recorded the song in 1982, two years before Chaka Khan's version was a hit, on their album So Excited. However, the single wasn’t recognised by the record loving public.

Another artist Rebbie Jackson  recorded it for her 1984 debut album Centipede, but it was the title track of the album called “Centipede” that became a hit for her. Rather then “I feel for you”.

However the most famous version of this Prince penned track appeared on the album that is “I feel for you” by Chaka Khan in 1984. This album alone re launched her career alone. At the time this was her 5thStudio album release.

This single became a huge hit in the UK and the USA for Chaka at the time.

It must be noted as well that Chaka’s version was the first Rnb Record to include Rapper within the content of the song. Which today seems weird as we take it for granted these days to hear and Rnb song with a rapper, rapping all over it.

The song “feel for you”peaked at No. 3 on the USA Billboard Hot 100 charts in November/December 1984. The song remained on the USA Billboard Hot 100 for 26 weeks and became one of Billboard's five biggest pop songs of the year for 1985. The single reached No.1 within the Uk Singles charts during 1985

The song which is cover of the track written by Prince features an all star cast. For instance the one and only Stevie Wonder is featured on that track. You can hear him on the track via him playing the harmonica and the harmonica solo within the track.

Stevie Wonder on the Harmonica within the track that is I feel for you

It also features Grand Master Melle Mel as the rapper on the track. Also included on  the tracks was David Frank (A member of the New York group called The System).He is found to be playing guitars and keyboard on this track.

David Frank - From the New York group called The System (That feature Mick Murphy) who were huge within the early to middle 1980's 

The single was produced by the star producer of the time that was Arif Mardin - The great Record producer as well.

However,  it seems as if Chaka has become bored with the single. During the latest set of interviews with her during the year of 2015. She was asked about the fact about – “I feel for you”.

Here is a snippet of the Interview that can be found on this website link for you to read for yourselves. (Please click on he link below)

Chaka Khan is bored with I feel for you - 2015

Within the Interview the question that was asked was;

How often do people try to replicate Melle Mel’s rap from the beginning of I Feel For You when they meet you? (1)

Everybody tries to do it when they meet me – it’s sort of like my curse.

Are you bored with that song?

“I’m very bored of that song, yes. I guess I’ll be singing it for the rest of my life, but I’ve had enough”.

She does have a right to say this as she released so many great singles over the years. But the general public seem to only want to remember her for "I feel for you".

For Chaka khan the song has bored her over the years; or she has got tired of it, But for myself and many others included from that generation. It does bring back a time that was more innocent then it is today.

As WE  just wanted to learn the new dance craze at the time that was “Breaking" or “Body Popping” that was coming from the Usa. Well not all of us I may add, but a large majority of us did. This song mired that time.

Here is video footage of a recent concert that included Chaka Khan, Melle Mel performing the song in 2015 –We are family foundation

It must be noted that Chaka Khan is no, 1 hit wonder. She has already been included within the Rock and Rock hall of fame twice.

Once as the one and only Chaka Khan in 2015; and before that when she fronted the band that she was called Rufus.

She has also won 10 Grammys and sold over 70 million albums. She is still looked upon as a yard stick by many musicians and vocalists on how to record and sing an Rnb or soul tune today.

Also and more importantly she has left an incredible amount of STAR tunes that we can go back to - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me, I'm Every Woman, "Ain't Nobody - just for starters.

But does the song “I feel for you” bring back any memories from you where ever you might be in the world?? Is this her best song??

Here is an Interview she also conducted which spills the beans on her time on "Dancing with the stars" (USA) reality tv show (that takes place is the Usa). We have the same version over in the Uk called "Strictly come dancing" (Uk).

She also informs us that she is working on a new album for 2016. Please click on the link below to find out more

Chaka Khan and Dancing with the Stars - 2015

Let us know your thoughts about the either - I feel for you - the single, Dancing on the stars reality tv show - which Chaka Khan was on, or thoughts about Chaka Khans new Album.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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