Teedra Moses born and raised in New Orleans, Usa. Released the critically acclaimed album that is - Complex Simplicity in 2004

Teedra Moses will be returning back to the UK. And the good news is that she will be performing on the 28th, 29th and the 30th January, 2016 within London at the Jazz Café - The Jazz Cafe, London, England

However, the general music press over in the UK hasn’t made much noise about the fact to be honest.

In fact you will be hard pressed to any new articles or column inches about here arrival within the UK, and the dates that she will be performing.

For those of you who would be a little appreciative of Teedra’s up bringing. Then please read below.

Teedra Moses was born and raised in with the city of New Orleans, within Louisiana USA. Her mother Shirley Moses was a Gospelsinger; and through her Teedra listened to mainly Gospel, Jazz and Blues music throughout her child hood years. The family later moved to California, USA; which was her mother and three siblings following her parents' separation.

Prior to her making a move to become a singer/songwriter Teedra - worked with her best friend Nonja McKenzie. She was an assistant wardrobe stylist for artists such as Will SmithKelis,R. Kelly, and No Doubt.

It was after breaking her leg on a video set that Teedra decided to follow her heart and begin making music.

Teedra gained musical fame during the year of 2004. This was when she released her debut album called “Complex Simplicity”

Teedra Moses  - Complex Simplicity album - the album that put her on the map!

The album is a combination of Modern Day Rnb/HipHop beats, to the more soothing and relaxed Neo Soul approach. This combination of the two worked. It must be said that some of the praise must go to Paul Poli – who had worked with the Black Eyed Peas before collaborating with Teedra on her debut album.

The Album that is Complex Simplicity also featured Raphael Saddiq of Tony, Tone, Toni fame. And Lil Jon

The quality of the music - in addition to word of mouth and rise of social media have allowed for Teedra Moses to gain many new fans despite the fact that she has only recently supplied us with ONE follow album known as Cognac and Conversation.

The album didn’t go down that well when it was released to us in 2004. It reached near to the bottom end of the Billboard 200 charts of that year. In fact only 2 x singles were released from the album.

The label that it was based on at the time was called TVT – and it was mainly an outlet for Hip Hop music and Rock music Singles and Albums.

“Complex Simplicity” was a Neo Soul and Rnb album; and the label that was TVT records was entering onto foreign ground (The TVT LABEL FOCUSED MAINLY ON HIP-HOP AND ROCK music) when trying to market the album within the Rnb World.

Although Teedra, has since generously shared, free new music over the years since the release of ‘Complex Simplicity’. These releases are - ‘Luxurious Undergrind’ and ‘Royal Patience’ (All mix tapes). Teedra’s dedicated fan base was waiting for the release of her official sophomore release.

The first release from the album (‘Cognac & Conversations’ via on August 8, 2015 by Shanachie Records – 2015)  was ‘All I Ever Wanted’ – samplesDynasty's 1980 hit - "Adventures in the Land of Music . The album that is Cognac & Conversations’ also featured collaborations from Ne-Yo, Rick Ross and ‘Take Me’ duet partner, Raphael Saadiq.

Teedra Moses 2nd album - Cognac and Conversations - 2015 release.

Cognac did well for Teedra reaching number 5 within the I Tunes charts and receiving a credible high position on the Billboard charts as well (2015)

The scale on which artists have always been judged upon is it that they are only a good as their last hit. However, Teedra seems to break the mould with this thought. She has been in the music business so to speak that totals 11 years so far. And has only released 2 certified studio albums in that time. And yet time after time, such is her work. Many music fans indentify with it instantaneously. She has been able to book concert halls and shows whether in the USA or internationally for those 11 years with no problem.

I myself amongst others truly love her 2 albums so far that deeply immersed with a Neo Soul and Rnb music vibe. It sounds at times out of place with the sounds and music releases that are out there today.

I will be honest to you in my humble opinion her first album – Complex Simplicity– is still her best release yet. A stone cold classic album that I am glad to have in my box. Cognac and Coversations featured too many slow songs or ballards. But they are quality I have to say. I just wished that she had of inclueded more midtempo tracks as well on Cognac.

I remember hearing Teedra for the very first time back in 2004 via a RADIO SHOW called BBC 1 XTRA (Rnb show) back in 2004. I can’t actually remember the acutal show or the presenter on the station. But I can remember the song. Boy can I rememeber it. It is my favourite from her. The track is called Take me (Featuring Raphael Saddiq.) 

Please have a listen to the song below - Take me (Featuring Raphael Saddiq.) 

Anyway, if you are one of the lucky ones that have tickets to her show at the The Jazz Café, London England. There is quite a buzz for her return this time to the UK. She has a good fan base here in England, who have always stood by her and just loves her work. In fact most of her fans in the U tend to be female!

Please let me and others how the concert shaped up. I myself am not able to make it due to family commitments. I am kicking myself about this as well. I would have loved to have seen her.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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