Prince one of the greatest Pop stars of the 20th Century

“Wait a few days before waste any Prayers on me”  - Those were the supposedly last words that Prince uttered at the concert called the AFTER DARK GIG – at his Paisley Park gig , Minnesota, Usa on the 16th April, 2016

Then the unthinkable happened. On the 21st April, 2016, the world lost one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. And definitely one of the greatest icons to come from the 1980’s.

I have also mentioned previously to a number of people that I have met over my life; that the 1980’s along with the 1960’s are the greatest music and media decades of the 20th century.

Both decades pushed the envelopes of music development and media entertainment to reach the masses around the world more than any other decade before and since.

Within the 1980’s we had two such musical icons - Michael Jackson and Prince. These were the two performers that ruled that DECADE.

Michael Jackson was possibly the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.  However with Prince we witnessed one of the greatest Pop musician the world has ever seen in action either via doing producing, arranging and singing. Or doing all three at the same time at times!

Both had to work hard to get to get to the top. But their hard work paid off in the end. Michael Jackson achieved true global fame with the album release of “Thriller”. Prince did the same with the album that was/is Sign of the Times”.

Sign of the Times - The great album made by Prince released in March 31,1987

Together with MTV, the 2nd Invasion of the USA via UK artists, the development and growth of the music’s of House music and Hip Hop music around the world and then finally the TV program that achieved a global audience that was – Miami Vice.

Singer and performer Sheena Easton from the UK, who was engaged to Prince during the 1980’s and due ting with him on their togetherU got the look stated,

“It is impossible to imagine him not being here. The world of music was forever changed the day he picked his guitar”. His talent was breath taking, his heart was kind, and all of us have been blessed to have glimpse into his sweet and magical soul”.

That is some statement. And yet she is right. In my time he was the only person that truly rivalled Michael Jackson and his global fame.

For me Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And I was extremely lucky to see Michael perform at Wembley stadium, London, England during the year of 1988 (The Bad tour). He always seemed to mesmerise the audience wherever he played in the world. On that day he was like a Snake Charmer and we were the snakes!!

Michael performed like a man processed and the tunes kept coming and coming from him on that day (The bad tour – London, England, 1988). In fact on that day he wanted to perform for a further 3 hours for the crowd that had come to see him – and he had the music to do so as well which summed up his talent. But the authorities would not let him.

However, Prince was no slouch in that matter. In fact he was the only main rival to Michael on the global stage during that era.

In fact Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2004, and the Rolling Stone magazine ranked him at number 27 on its list as the 100 greatest artists of all time.

Another fact is that PRINCE is still the only man to have played at the O2 area in London for 21 days straight. A record that still stands today.

Michael Jackson was the only man destine to beat this as he proclaimed that he done a deal with  the O2 event organisers which would have seen him playing a further 50 dates at the same venue. However this was not too happen as Michael was to die before the start of the dates began.

The track called “Sign of the times” (from the album called SIGN OF THE TIMES) was just as stellar as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”  from his album that is (THRILLER). It told us of what was going wrong with the world on epic proportions, and over a funky beat.

This was the first Pop song in the Pop charts at the time to mention such depressing social commentary that was happening within our world at the time.

Prince full name was – Prince Rodgers Nelson was found dead, slumped in a lift at the Paisley Park compact studios (Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA) within the compound.

Medics and Police responded to an emergency call made a 9.43 local time (USA). A USA Sheriff response official statement was:

Sheriff Jim Olson addressing the World's media about Princes Dead 21st April 2016

“When the deputies and medical personnel arrived, they found an unresponsive adult male in the elevator. First responders attempted to provide lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim. He was pronounced dead at 10:07. He has been identified as Prince Rodgers Nelson.”

However there are fresh news that Prince knew that he was dying. New reports are flooding through via various Medio outlets to state that PRINCE was suffering from HIV/AIDS before he died. (Please click on the link below)

Prince had Aids?????

If it is the case then it will only bring more heartache to all PRINCE fans from around the world. As he was generally liked by all that met him. If are led to believe that PRINCE contracted the condition during the 1980’s which develop into full blown AIDS recently.

Prince it must be said has become more aware of his legacy over the years. In fact news has been filtering in over the Internet and other media sources; that he had been writing a personal memoir called “The Beautiful Ones”, which would tell the full story of his life. If it is to get the go ahead, it is planned for release next year (2017).

Prince during the decade of 1990’s refused to use his name over a battle with record chiefs at Warner Brother Records. As they wanted to limit the amount of albums he could release and the control that Prince wanted. He even appeared on stage at that time with the comment “Slave” written on his cheek. He started using his name again in the year that was 2000 after leaving the label.

I was not lucky to see PRINCE perform live in his heyday. Whether during the historic O2 GIGS (21 days at that venue, which were all sold out during the year of 2007). Or when he came back to the UK and performed a series gigs which became known as -“Guerrilla gigs” (at Ronnie Scots venue) during February 2014 here in the UK once more.

However, I did managed to collect 2 albums from Prince in my time. The first one that I got was called “Prince” from 1979 – that contained the hit that was “I Wanna be your lover”. The 2nd on was “Sign of the times”.

Both of the albums I own make you appreciate the talent that was Prince. And the 1980’s. It was such a ground breaking decade in which you had more artistic control of what you wanted to put out. Even though the record companies has enormous power at the time as well.

Then music production or creativity didn’t entirely depended on how you looked or if you had a sexy image so much as it does these days. What mattered if the single that you released could or would chart.

I believe it was harder to make the charts back then as well. As you had artists that truly believed in what they were doing, and were totally into music production and creation. And no, they were as many “Manufactured bands or TV shows making one off Pop wonders" who would soon disappear after a couple of years or so.

The death of Prince leaves a sadness in your heart that the decade, and its stars from that period are fact disappearing. The music from that decade wasn’t as sexually as it is today. However, it has to be said that some of Prince’s earliest single releases were riskily to say the least. And some of his early stage performers would have made the sturdiest of men blush.

However Prince was multi - instrumentalist, producer, singer and a stage performer. In face he could do it all. His guitar solos when he decided to do them – shocked and well-travelled musicians, let alone the audiences around the world at his mastery of the instrument.

He was credited before the time of his death as being the 8th best guitarists in the world, and yet he didn’t really have time to practise as other guitarists above him due to him doing other things such as creating, producing, arranging and marketing his music. 

Please click on this Video below to see Prince in action.

The only person who Prince reminds me of and who has that same talent, would be the one and only Stevie Wonder. Stevie who is the master of the Harmonia, as was Prince the master of the Guitar, could do it all. Like PrinceStevie Wonder. could and still does produce, arrange, perform, write songs for other people and artists and sing.

Have I got a favourite song from Prince? Well yes. Mine would be the single called “Sign of the Times”  from the album called – “Sign of the Times” .

The song is so funky and groovelicious and it comes with message as well. Just listen to it.

We are going to miss Prince. And yes we have lost another musical legend from probably the greatest musical decade within the 20thCentury.

But the people that favour the 1960’s as the better of the two might want argue otherwise.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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