Top of the pops - The former number 1 Pop music program

Does the music industry need to see a return of programs such as Tops of the pops and other music programs such as Soul train on television every week? Are they really needed these days?

Soul Train (Usa) started in 1971 and finished in 2016; and Top of the Pops (UK) started in 1964, and finished in 2006.

A statement was announced from the BBC about Top of the Pops on why it was closing at the time by the BBC’s Television director at the time – Janna Benett.

"The time has come to bring the show to its natural conclusion," said the BBC's director of television Jana Bennett.” – 2006

BBC calls time on Top of the Pops

In the past, musicians, music group or solo artists could have achieved guaranteed, news column headlines the very next day the tabloid newspapers, or other media outlets; if they delivered an outstanding performance, or song on either programs such as Tops of the pops, Soul train or even MTV via video performance.

I am just thinking that pop musicians of all musical genders in the past loved to appear on these particular programs. It was these media outlets which helped to get their latest single release out there and boost awareness of the public to it

These days you do have the various Internet platforms such as Spotify and Tidal that are out there for musicians nowadays. You also have your very own mobile phone, which many are adding to the debate that this act in its self is more powerful than any TV set which musicians now can use to reach their audiences around the world.

In fact by using these methods above it has released the musician, or music groups from the clutches of the so called middleman.

However does it? Many music fans around the world state the opposite. Monumental musical events which have appeared on Television are more etched in the brain of peoples around the world then appearing on Twitter or Facebook.

For instance the appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Michael Jackson’s performance on Mo town 25, The Live Aid performance during the year of 1985 to the world, David Bowie’s performance on Top of the Pops here in the UK singing “Star man” for the 1St time, The performance of The Beatles very last television performance on the top of a block of flats here in London, England, the list goes on and on………

However, what musicians crave for is a nation reaction to a performance, or song that they have just delivered. They miss the fact of a nation sitting down at all the same time and watching a performance via the Television. Then getting the feedback from the watching nation via phone calls to the Bbc.

So are programs such as Tops of the pops and Soul train still needed today?

Well, one thing is for sure. When these programs were up and running the various nation/s as a whole had a better understanding of the state of play on where a particular artists was at within the nation pop charts, and a better understanding of the musicians and groups that were around as a whole.

We know longer have that. For instance do you who is at number 4 position in your nation’s pop charts at this moment in time? Do you care? Well I can tell you that past generations did.

Barry White singing his song called "Change" on Soul Train  Usa - 1982 ( a little interview as well)

The only time you get to see your favourite artist/s to perform is going to see them live. Which is a good thing overall as you are supporting the artist financially. But should we be witnessing or keeping in touch with them via concert halls, or music arenas only?

I for one would love to see these artists back on similar styled musical program as mentioned above that is geared towards their industry - the music industry; and at the same time bringing back a bit of colour to the nation’s television. But if there is a chance of a return one rule must be implemented. You must be able to play live.

Yes we all are aware that do have the various, music talent competitions on the televisions which does give musical unknowns the chance to become “known”.

However, I have a feeling that the vast majority of us still long for present day artists to strut their stuff to us on their latest or pending release via television.

Whitney Houston - "I wanna dance with somebody" - 1987 on Top of the Pops (Uk)

Maybe it’s a case that today’s generation are not as motivated with the business of music as generations before them.

Or is it a case that there too much music out there?  Let’s face it the ability to make and create music is easier then has been ever before.

Most of these modern day, music producers and musicians are now using social media platforms, Spotify, Tidal and other online platform to do market themselves as mention above in this article.

However, has that method or procedure become saturated? Is there a need for Tops of the pops, Soul train and other such like programs to come to the fore again to take the strain of this saturation away?

Soul train - The number 1 black music program within the Usa

Here is something for you. If you had a son or daughter and they stated to you they wanted to become a musician, musical artist or wanted to be part of a music group. What would your answer to them be for these days?

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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