Robin S - Show me love - the song that surprised everyone!

Probably one of the biggest House music anthems of the early 1990’s which shocked everyone at the time in the way that it went global. And I mean global.

The track that is still played today around the world is would you believe is called “Show me love” by Robin S - 1993.  This was/is a bouncy, melodic House music tune with outstanding vocals from the New York City born vocalist known as Robin Stone. However, to the world in general she will always be known as Robin S.

The year was 1993, and then Robin S hit the music scene with her debut single. The single that she is remembered for to this day which is called “Show me love”.

The Song was actually written by songwriters of the name of Allen George and Fred McFarlane, who had previously worked with artists of the calibre of the like such as Jenny Burton and Jocelyn Brown.

The song was initially released during the year of 1990 on English dance label called Champion Records with remixes by Anthony King.

However during 1992, the Swedish DJ and producer StoneBridge remixed the song  after phoning up Champion Records looking for remixing work. The UK Newspaper called the Guardian article on RoBIN S - SEPT 8TH 2015

The song's bass organ sound comes from the Korg M1 synthesizer that was used by StoneBridge. The remixed version was later included on Robin S.'s 1993 debut album Show Me Love.

It was this version and remix that he did, that he and Robin S is best remember for. The song went global after the Djs around the world from all areas -  Europe, Africa, Japan and Europe in the year of 1993 played this song constantly.

For instance within the Uk it entered the Pop charts top at number 10, and within the top 5 via Usa. In the Usa, it was even more surprising as the Usa the home of House music didn’t really cater for House music at all within their music charts.

Robin S ( the Vocalist) and Stone Bridge ( the remixer) have since went on to create and successful careers for themselves out of this one record.

Robin S was able to create a career out of it; in fact the single has been reissued six times since: 23 years on. For instance she still performs the song at nostalgia concerts, Gay Pride events and on cruise liners!

StoneBridge was able to be put forward to countless remixing work ever since done the remix for “Show me love”.

StoneBridge adds “The phone didn’t stop ringing for four years”. “Every day someone wanted a remix”.


The track still holds sway in a number of nightclubs around the world even today. When the Dj drops the track it usually brings up a cheer where ever you are in the world. Especially that is so in England.

Robin Stone (Robin S) took time off to work to concetrate on her songwriting; and then she began to begin working with producers House music producers such as Eric "E-Smoove" Miller (Chicago) and Todd Terry  (New York City) on her second album.

This album got released in 1997 on Atlantic Records, which was called “From Now On” , which encompassing Gospel music , R&B ballads and the occaision Hi-NRG dance-floor material to boot.

StoneBridge in the meantime reflects on how the track continues to cause so much interest from the year of 1993 to the present day.

Maybe he is right as you can hear how the song by the Canadian singer called Kiesza in 2014 had a number one hit with the track called Hideaway. Hideaway certainly does resemble “Show Me Love”.

However, it could be said that the track called “Show me love” influence could be also heard within the track called “White Noise” by the Uk group called Disclosure  in 2013.

It has to be said the 1990s house revival may be a reaction to the rise of the music known as EDM – the noisy pop-rave sound that’s taken mainstream America by storm in recent years.

Many including myself stated that  EDM seems to lack a certain Soulful feel within its grooves. However, mabe thats not the way we should be lookign at EDM. Maybe we should be looking at it as a refined Acid house revival that is happening within the Usa instead of the Uk

The 1990s House music revival operated in the other way. It was infused with a Soulful vibe about it.

The House tracks from the 1990s were not just made on a laptop, but made with real instruments, real vocalists and guitars added to boot.

It is this revival and interest within House music and Garage music from the 1990 that has the return of Detroit house producer Marc “MK” Kinchen, the man behind another iconic 1992 house remix driven by a Korg M1 bassline, The Nightcrawlers’ Push the Feeling On to come back to the scene the he is so loved.

Kinchen spent the last decade or so as Will Smith’s in-house producer, before he decided the time was right to return to House music.  This proved to be right as Kinchen had a huge number 1 hit on his hand via the Pop charts. When his remix of Storm Queen’s - Look Right Through, went to No 1.

Getting back to Robin S though. What has she been doing lately. Well?

In 2009, she recorded new song with Corey Gibbons, the single "At My Best".

On August 12, 2011, Robin S. appeared on the BET talk program The Mo'Nique Show, where she sang her number #1 hit, "Show Me Love".

In 2016, Robin S.'s collaboration with DJ Escape on the track, "Shout It Loud", went to number one on the US dance chart.

 Please cick on this link which is a interestin piece calledWhere have all the Diva's gone

Here is Robin S perfoming the show on a tv show in Holland February 2016for instance! click on the Video link below!


Lets hope Djs from around the world keep on playing this tune which represents just one the great tunes to come from that period of time.

In my opinion is the greatest period in House music and Garage music - 1990's?  Do you agree? Let me know. 


Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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