A mural dedicated to the New York City, Usa Dj David Mancuso famoius for his Loft style parties in the 1970's

This maybe old news to you now. However, it seems that the curse of 2016 has taken away another musical giant in the form of Dj David Mancuso.2106 has taken away so many music and film legends that many of us now can't wait for 2016 to finish.

The News has spread like wildfire right around the world since it was announced that David Mancuso has died - on the 15th Nov, 2016The cause of death is still not known at the moment.

My first knowledge of David Mancuso was not actually meeting the man himself. In fact I have never met him in my life.

It was only after meeting another Dj that schooled me about him that I decided after our "meet" to read up and find out more about the man and the legend. 

The person that schooled me about him was - Colleen Murphy  - Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy -  She is from the Usa. The City of Boston, Usa to be pricise. 

 Colleen Murphy who schooled me in regards tot her knowledge and experiences with David Mancuso all those years ago

 "Cosmo" being her nickname was asked down by myself to my home town (Ipswich Town, England).It was in order for her to play a few tunes; and at the same time to be interviewed over the airwaves (Radio broadcasting airairwave) about her love of music; and how she got into it within the first place; and djing.

It was via this meeting with Colleen, that I got to learn about David Mancuso from her recollections and she had seen and learnt whilst being around his company.And what David meant to New York city, and their underground dance culture in general there - Info on Colleen Murphy

This and more knowledge gained from my research led me into watching the movie called "Maestro" which was released in Feb, 2003. This Movie Documentary gave us a basic understanding of New York;and its underground dance culture during the 1970's to 1980's.

At the time I was even sent a special premier ticket  during 2003 to watch the Ist viewing of the Film that is  "Maestro" within - - London, England.


 And via watching this movie  learned even more about David Mancuso,Nicky Siano, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and others about what it meant to have live in those times, and also to "party" within those times.

This film gives almost as much credit for the creation of the scene via David Mancuso, Loft Parties, the long-running private club famous for its intimate, living-room atmosphere and brilliant sound engineering; right through to Larry Levan and the club that made him world famous - The Paradise Garage, King Street, New York, Usa

However, it must be said that Mr Mancuso was basicially known for his parties that he helped start up within the city of New York during the 1970's.David Mancuso was born in Utica, New York, during the year of 1944.

David Mancuso behind the decks doing what he liked doing best 

However, things began to gell for him after he moved to New York City in 1962. It was there that Mancuso rented a loft at 647 Broadway near Bleecker Street,New York, Usa.

The size of the space allowed him to purchase two Klipschhorn loudspeakers, which he paired up with McIntosh amps and two turntables.

David Mancuso adds,

"During this time, I would go out to rent parties. They were at someone's apartment, or somebody would throw an event, and it would be just to raise money for the rent.So I had this loft space on Broadway and in order to pay rent, I threw some parties between '65 and '70. It worked out really well.About half-a-dozen of them happened over that five-year period of time, even though I always say The Loft started in 1970". -

The first official "The Loft" party, we now know was held on February 14th, 1970and was called "Love Saves The Day". This eventually became a regular Saturday night event, starting around midnight and running until the morning.

Mancuso also avoided using the pitch control on the turntables that were at this event,  to match the musician's vision as opposed to the DJ's ego of how it should be delievered to the audience.

Famously, records were not mixed at The Loft. He wanted his audience to appreciate the music when it was made, and then recording via the music studios. He didn't want or allow for the music to be "Mixed" within these parties.

They had to be played from start to finish. No beat mixing. The point being was that he wanted for his audience to have deep emotional experience with the music that was being played; as opposed to having the DJs’ egos contolling what you heard. Also there was no food or liguor sold at his parties. If anything it was given out to his audience.

The likes of François K, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Nicky Siano and David Morales were regulars at The Loft, which eventually led Mancuso to establish the New York Record Pool,acquiring promos from record labels for the qualified DJs in his circle.

Mancuso started up this pool after moving his operations to 99 Prince Street in SoHo, New York City, USA.

He ran this pool as a non-profit operation until 1978 before deciding to refocus on the parties and handing the DJ's record network over to Judy Weinstein.

He continued to host The Loft on Prince Street until 1985, when skyrocketing real estate forced him into Alphabet City, within New York City,Usa

In the 1990s, reasonably priced downtown spaces became so scarce that he began to tour, limiting the NYC events to four to six a year.

Mancuso speaking with Disco Music, stated:

"I can't find the space and I don't have the resources like I used to… I've had offers that you can't believe, but there are catches to them and I can't give in to them.I'd rather take the subway and do without the Mercedes-Benz.

I've known some of my guests for more than 25 years and I can't go away from that. The Loft parties are very personal, intimate thing. It's the thing that keeps me going in life."

David Mancuso explaining himself below about the Loft Parties , etc, etc...

Tributes from all over the world that have only just learned about his death are equally shocked.

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Its another sad day within 2016. Yes people die every day. Thats a fact. However, it just seems that some of the people that we lose or have lost makes think on how a great contribution that they made whilst they were alive.

These peoples made you want to get out of bed to face another day. We have just lost another such person that made you want to get out of bed and face another day......

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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