Arthur Adams – you’ve got the floor –  Oct 1981

Arthur Adams - The USA Blues Musician changed direction and went all Jazz Funk on us with - You've got the floor in 1981

It was one of the stand out music singles of 1981. I remember hearing this for the first time under the bed sheets of my bed would you believe. Yes it’s true. I was listening to the Tony Prince on Radio Luxemburg when I was in bed with a radio underneath the bedcovers.

I loved his show, and already he had already played some great tunes already within his set. However he played a tune that was so captivating at the time that I prayed that when I eventually went to sleep. I would then on wake up and still be able remember the title of the tune so that I could go about it and write it down. I would then be in the position to be able to purchase the tune by the end of the week.

The 12 inch single that I went ahead to purchase all those years ago was – Arthur Adams –“You got the floor”.

Now within the year of 2016/2017 – I am looking at the 12 inch single that I have stored in the record boxes in my loft area of my home. I was within that cleaning mode yet again, and at the same time getting rid of old bric and brac that was now not needed. And I was tempted to open up one of those boxes and have a search through.

I was stopped in my tracks when I reached the 12inch called Arthur Adams – “You’ve got the floor” – within my box. I remember when I first heard it as mentioned above. And the shop that I bought it from at the time – which was Andies Records here in Ipswich Town, England.

That following Saturday, here in Ipswich the Song had made the decks of every major Club Dj within the town, and everyone was in love with it.

At the time, England, or clubland England was in the hold of music and culture of JAZZ FUNK. And this single came out at the right time and the right place.

This single came out of the blue as the artist that created this single called Arthur Adams was an out and out blues musician and blues guitarist who himself was inspired by BB King and other 1950 musicians.

However, he certainly surprised everyone when bought out  You've got the floor which reached number 1 in the UK disco chart that year and 38 in the UK singles chart. However, within the UK this 12" single track also reached number 1 in the UK's disco chart the same year.

Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor Original 12 inch Version 1981

I loved the synth sound on this single at the time. I was really impressed on how many jazz funk tunes were including this sound within their single releases. I also loved the bassline and drum during opening passages the start of the single. So simple and yet so effective. I liked the vocals of Arthur Adams. Nothing special and yet his voice was perfect for this single. And finally that saxophone solo within the single is so cool. I’m in jazz Funk fan heaven right now just holding this single in my hands again.

It just sounded so different to all the music’s at the time coming from jazz/funk and disco music scene. The record originally appeared on the small US label Inculcation owned by actor Bernie Hamilton, who produced the track.

The single was a must have for all us UK Jazz/Funk fans at the time. And for those that came from this time from around the world. It’s very unlikely that this singe will ever be forgotten from those that heard it at that time.

You would have thought that single would have made Mr. Adams to stay within this new niche; which saw him secure the biggest musical hit of his career.

Arthur Adams - The USA Blues Musician changed direction and went all Jazz Funk on us with - You've got the floor in 1981

However, once a blues man. Always a blues man. And he returned to that musical scene very shortly afterwards.

He working occasionally as a session guitarist for various groups. After tiring of session work. in 1985 Adams became the bassist for Nina Simone on her 1995 European tour as well as recording on and contributing songs to the Nina's Back album.

In 1986, he recorded a session for a Church's Fried Chicken commercial, with harpist Chris Smith. By 1987, Adams was fronting his own blues band, and again performing live. He wrote two songs, which appeared on for B.B. King's 1992 album There is Always One More Time. Adams became a bandleader at B. B. King's blues club in Los Angeles, often performing with drummer James Gadson.

Adams recorded a version of Ann Peebles soul classic "I Can't Stand the Rain" for the movie Town And Country, starring Goldie Hawn He performed at the St. Louis Blues Heritage Festival in August 1997, and in November at the Utrecht Blues Estafette in The Netherlands.

In 1999, he released the album Back on Track, his first solo release in 20 years. B.B. King even guested on the album on guitar. This was his first release on the Blind Pig record label. Adams wrote eight out of the eleven tracks combining the three styles of gospel, blues and soul. Tracks include two duets with King ("Got You Next To Me" and "The Long Haul") – both composed by Adams and Will Jennings.

In 2004, we learn that he released Soul of the Blues.

However, he and this single will never be forgotten that was released in 1981. Mr. Adams certainly had got the floor that for sure.

Well that all folks for me now anyway.

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