The Electric Soul show - is a Radio/Internet Radio show that is geared towards playing different and varing styles of contemporary black music ranging from Soul music to Jazz Music,from Raregrooves to HipHop music and from Urban Gospel music to Soulful House music. Disco, Lovers Rock Reggae and Funk music are also played on show whenever there is time to fit them in.

Please click on the show's opening Radio Jingle that you may have heard of before.

The idea of the Electric Soul Show was created by Dj Mistri who is still in charge of the operation which is based here within Ipswich Town, England. He envisaged a dream of playing a variety of black music styles that could entertain, educate on some occaisions and at the same time break down snobbery that exists in regards to listening to music in general.

The show is a regular listen to many peoples of Ipswich Town, England as well as having a huge International audience at the same time. The music's played on the show is very varied indeed which can take the listener on a journey that can make the listener feel sad in one instance, then on the very next song/track played can make you/the listener feel like you are just 16 years old all over again.

Listening to the Electric Soul Show

The shows motto is "From the streets of  Ipswich to the whole wide world".

Dj Mistri, was born and bred within Ipswich Town, England and has been buying music since the age of 14 years old. However, Dj Mistri (Ipswich) fell in love with music from about the age of 8 years old, after being forced to listen to  to "music under the bedcovers" at that time of his life.

Via being forced to do this he found out about and fell in love with UK Radio dj's of the time such as Tony Price (England) and Robbie Vincent (England) via these "music under the bedcovers sessions".


From then Dj Mistri decided on becoming a record collector. Buying anything that his ears liked. Eventually after time Dj Mistri appeared on the pirate station called Flex Fm here in Ipswich town, England, then eventually moving onto the Ipswich Community Radio - Ipswich town, England.


The Electric Soul Show is an enthusiactic supporter of new artist/s with new musical material; as well as established artists with new musicial material. We do like to support these type of artist/s with their single releases.

We like to support New Artists, but you have listen to the show first.

However, if both of these artists have an pending album, ep or mixtape coming out, and would like for that to be promoted by the Website and the Radio show it iself then please let us know. Talk to us about this or other products or services that you might like to get exposed.


It is not only about the Music artists themselves that we are only concerned about;  we are also interested in talking to Record Labels, other Music related business or  Music websites in regards to this proposition as well. We want to help you. And we are not just saying this.

Remember the Electric Soul show can be listnened to via a Desktop Computer, Mobile Phone, Laptop and Tablet Style Computer any time of the day or night.

Recording a music album in a music recording studio

If you would like to get  in contact with me about anything that I have mentioned above please contact me via - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can discuss about this further.